University Testing Center

Bring life, and nature, into the University Testing Center this SMU Giving Day

Opened for less than one academic year, the University Testing Center seeks to bring life and nature into the center this SMU Giving Day.

Our mission is to provide a secure and professional testing center, as well as one that is inviting, comfortable, and supports the emotional well-being of our students and community clients. In our first few months, we’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from visitors about our facility in the Clements Hall basement.

Adding live foliage at our entrance would create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere in the testing labs.

Example of low-light wall-mounted plants. Similar products could be placed above entrance lockers to create a relaxing testing environment.

Test anxiety is real. It’s a top psychological issue on college campuses far and wide and right here at home on the SMU campus. Nature and plants are proven by social psychologists to reduce stress and calm people. 

At the UTC, we support academic and mental health needs for the most favorable outcomes possible. Can you help us reach our $4,000 goal of bringing more life into the center? Learn more and join us on March 7 for SMU Giving Day.

First-Generation Initiative

Expanding our first-generation college student Book & Support Fund

Materials required for classes are expensive. Many SMU first-generation students work multiple jobs to pay for class materials such as laptops, textbooks, and school supplies.

To support our students, the First-Generation Initiative (FGI) created a Book & Support Fund in the fall of 2022 to help first-year and transfer first-generation students obtain school supplies.

During 2022-2023, the FGI provided funds totaling $5,018 to 23 students for class materials. Students return materials to a lending library managed by FGI after the term. Therefore, other first-generation college students can use the resource in future semesters.

Help us expand this critical program, the Book & Support Fund, on March 7 via SMU Giving Day. This resource is invaluable to the FGI and our first-generation students. We look forward to raising funds to continue supporting student success on the Hilltop.