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Exploring boundless futures with SMU’s Pathways to Business and Industry

Embarking on a journey, SMU Pathways to Business and Industry (PBI) is an ongoing initiative designed to guide undergraduates through their academic years and beyond, nurturing their aspirations towards careers in business and industry. PBI extends its support not only to first and second-year students but also to transfer undergraduates, ensuring a comprehensive approach to academic and career development.

SMU PBI offers a structured framework enabling students to explore majors and minors within academic departments across campus including Dedman College of Humanities and Science, Meadows School of the Arts, Lyle School of Engineering, and Simmons School of Education and Human Development.

In collaboration with SMU’s academic departments and university service partners, PBI organizes a series of tailored events throughout the fall and spring semesters. These programs will serve as invaluable opportunities for students to delve deeper into the initiative’s offerings, foster meaningful connections through networking, and engage in enriching experiences.

By joining PBI, eligible students that are actively pursuing opportunities for growth and development gain exclusive access to tailored programs and events. These initiatives not only broaden their understanding of business and industry careers but also provide paths for hands-on learning and skill enhancement.

If you know of first, second, or transfer undergraduate students eager to unearth their passions and navigate their academic and professional trajectories, encourage them to join PBI by signing up at

To learn more about the PBI initiative, feel free to reach out to