Office of General Education

Approved meeting minutes from the Council on General Education on April 5, 2024

The Council on General Education met on April 5, 2024. The meeting minutes for March 8, 2024, were approved at this meeting. Below is the agenda, and the meeting minutes have now been posted on the General Education website.

  1. Approval of Agenda for April 5, 2024, Council on General Education meeting.
  2. Approval of Minutes for the March 8, 2024, Council on General Education meeting.
  3. External Test Credit Review (AP, IB, CLEP) Working Group (Melina)
    1. Field specialists have been reviewing External Test Credit for AP, IB, and CLEP exams. They reviewed exam syllabi, compared them to SMU’s Common Curriculum rubrics, and assigned/maintained tags where applicable. This is still an ongoing review, and we are currently seeking volunteers to assist in reviewing the remaining exams.
    2. Recommendations and Vote (see below after agenda)
  4. Rubric Review (Dayna)
    1. Global Perspectives-Update
    2. SL- American Sign Language
  5. CC Proposals (Peter)
    1. Course Proposals
      1. MUHI 1313 (Introduction to Critical Music Studies)- Critical Reasoning
      2. ASCE 1310 (Ceramic Technology)- Technological Advances & Society (revised)
      3. BUSE 2311 (Perspectives of Business: Automobile)- Technological Advances & Society
      4. ARHS 3376 (Latin American Art)- Creativity & Aesthetics
      5. ASAG 1310 (Word and Image: 1900-present)- Creativity & Aesthetics
      6. ASAG 1350 (On Beauty)- Creativity & Aesthetics
      7. FM 1300 (Fashion Communication)- Social & Behavioral Sciences
      8. PHIL 3384 (Capitalism and Its Critics)- Philosophical, Religious, & Ethical Inquiry
      9. RELI 3392 (World Films, World Religions)-Philosophical, Religious, & Ethical Inquiry and Global Perspectives
      10. WL 3307 (Perspectives on French Identity)- Global Perspectives and Civics & Individual Ethics
      11. UNIV 1270 (Personal Finance and Branding)- Quantitative Applications
      12. FM 1350 (Fashion & Diversity)- Human Diversity
    2. Activity Proposals
      1. Lavender Leaders- Human Diversity
      2. CORE- Human Diversity
      3. Dr. Dennis Simon Civil Rights Pilgrimage- Civics & Individual Ethics
  6. General Education Office Updates (Dustin)
    1. Catalog Updates Finalized
    2. Peruna Passport Updated
    3. Degree Planner Pre-Approved and Individual Activities in the Co-curricular
    4. Critical Reasoning Fulfillment Requirements Vote Results

Please contact the Office of General Education for questions or proposal development support.