Student Academic Engagement & Success

Announcing new SAES marketing and communication project assistance

Student Academic Engagement & Success now offers marketing and communication project assistance for large-scale communications in support of area-wide goals.

Members of the SAES team can request support via the SAES Marketing & Communication Project Request Form. The form is permanently available on the SAES website under Staff Resources.

Please submit project requests related to informative blog posts, creative digital flyers, website redesign, and other marketing materials. SAES is here to provide you with creative marketing strategies. Under the categories of marketing types, you can provide details about the project.

Requests can be made for:

  • Blog Post-development
  • Digital Flyers (e.g., Instagram feed, story post, digital screen, etc.)
  • Website Design
  • Printed Flyers
  • Merchandise Design (e.g., pens, water bottles, etc.)
  • Event Photography
  • Newsletter Assets

We ask for a minimum of one business week lead time with two weeks being ideal. In the event of resource constraints, projects are evaluated for impact scope and time commitment by the Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Education & Academic Success.