Office of General Education

Common Curriculum Course Search updated on February 1, 2024

The Office of General Education has updated the Common Curriculum course search with added breadth and graduation requirement tags.

The February 1, 2024, update reflects the following tag additions and removals:


ADV 3303- Quantitative Applications (QA) APSM 3360 – Community Engagement (CE) APSM 3360 – Civics & Individual Ethics (CIE)
ARHS 3315 – Creativity & Aesthetics (CA) ARHS 3355 – Creativity & Aesthetics (CA) ASIM 1300 – Technological Advances and Society (TAS)
BLI 1210- Oral Communication (OC) CCPA 1313 – Critical Reasoning (CR) ENGL 1363 – Literary Analysis & Interpretation (LAI)
ENGL 1363 – Human Diversity (HD) GEOL 1311- Exploring Science (ES) GERM 1601 – Global Perspectives (GPS)
GERM 1601 – Second Language Modern (SLM) GERM 3379 – Global Perspectives (GPS) JOUR 1313- Critical Reasoning (CR)
MUHI 1305 – Human Diversity (HD) PHYS 1337 – Technological Advances and Society (TAS) PSYC 3362 – Human Diversity (HD)
PSYC 3362 – Social & Behavioral Sciences (SBS) PSYC 3363 – Oral Communication (OC) PSYC 3363 – Social & Behavioral Sciences (SBS)
PSYC 4301- Quantitative Applications (QA) RELI 3331- Philosophical, Religious & Ethical Inquiry (PREI) RELI 3391- Philosophical, Religious & Ethical Inquiry (PREI)
SPAN 1601 – Global Perspectives (GPS) SPAN 1601 – Second Language Modern (SLM) UHP 3301- Oral Communication (OC)
UHP 3301- Writing (W) WL 3311 – Global Perspectives (GPS) WL 3379 – Global Perspectives (GPS)
WL 3388 – Literary Analysis & Interpretation (LAI)    


ARHS 3315 – Historical Contexts (HC) ARHS 3338 – Writing (W) ENGL 1363 – Creativity & Aesthetics (CA)
FILM 3353 – Creativity & Aesthetics (CA) HIST 1321- Oral Communication (OC) SOCI 3312 – Writing (W)


Any questions or concerns about the Common Curriculum course search can be directed to the Office of General Education.

Office of General Education

Automation of AP credit to satisfy specific graduation requirements

Thanks to the Registrar’s Office, the Office of General Education has now automated Advanced Placement (AP) credit (of scores 4 or 5) to satisfy particular Proficiency and Experience graduation requirements. Specifically, AP credit will satisfy the following:

Civics and Individual Ethics (CIE)

  • AP Comparative Government and Politics
  • AP US Government and Politics

Quantitative Applications (QA)

  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Environmental Science
  • AP Macroeconomics
  • AP Microeconomics
  • AP Physics (Mechanics)
  • AP Physics (Electricity and Magnetism)

Therefore, students admitted after fall 2020 need not complete individual petitions to meet applicable graduation requirements. This credit will be reflected on their Degree Progress Report on or before March 20, 2023. Soon after, impacted students will be notified via their SMU email.

Retroactive updates will be made to affected students; future students will receive this credit automatically.

If faculty and academic advisors discover errors with an affected student’s DPR, please submit a DPR Issues/Requests to the Office of the Registrar.