Academic Devleopment of Student-Athletes (ADSA) Student Academic Engagement & Success

ADSA Hiring Academic Tutors for 2024-2025 Academic Year

Do you have a passion for helping others meet their academic goals?  Do you have professional aspirations to be an educator?  Are you trying to get experience for a future graduate teaching position (TA)? 

If you said yes to any of the above questions, then the Academic Development of Student-Athletes (ADSA) wants YOU! The ADSA directly reports to the office of the Provost and is seeking enthusiastic and knowledgeable tutors to join our team. The main purpose of our tutors is to help student-athletes better understand specific course content through 1:1 or small group sessions.  This is a paid opportunity to get valuable teaching experience working with peers, in a fast-paced D1 athletic environment. Our tutors play a vital role in supporting student-athletes by providing subject-specific tutoring in a variety of undergraduate courses.  

 Why Tutor with ADSA? 

  • Make a Difference: You’ll have a direct impact on the academic success of SMU’s student-athletes, helping them excel in the classroom; clearing up concepts, and answering questions. An opportunity to give back to the University!
  • Flexible Schedule: Tutoring sessions are offered throughout the week (Monday through Friday), and you can choose the hours that work best for you, accommodating your class schedule and other commitments. 
  • Positive Work Environment: Join a team dedicated to student success in a supportive and collaborative environment.

What We’re Looking For: 

  • Strong academic background (minimum of B+ in relevant coursework) 
  • Minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA 
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills 
  • Ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise manner 
  • Passion for helping others learn 
  • Able to be professional and maintain confidentiality  
  • Current enrolled SMU undergraduates, graduates, TA’s, or Faculty are all encouraged to apply. Pay is based on experience.

We are currently recruiting tutors for all subjects in the Fall but especially for APSM, MATH, STAT, HIST subjects.

If you’re interested in applying: 

Contact the ADSA Tutor Coordinator, Valerie Vining at 214-768-4857 or for more information or apply directly at this link: 

 Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the SMU community and make a positive impact on student-athletes! 

Academic Devleopment of Student-Athletes (ADSA) Student Academic Engagement & Success

ADSA Accentuates Academic Achievements of 2023-2024

Southern Methodist University (SMU) is proud of its student-athletes who consistently demonstrate excellence in both academics and athletics. We understand the unique challenges they face in balancing a demanding sports schedule with rigorous coursework. Our Mustangs arise to the exceed these standards every semester!

The Academic Development of Student-Athletes (ADSA) program is a cornerstone of SMU’s commitment to student-athlete success. ADSA provides a comprehensive support system that includes: 

  • Academic Counseling: ADSA advisors help student-athletes make informed decisions about their academic pursuits, from choosing a major to planning their course schedules. They also ensure athletes maintain NCAA eligibility requirements. 
  • Learning Skills Specialists: These specialists identify areas where student-athletes can improve, such as writing skills or time management. They offer personalized strategies and support to enhance academic performance. 
  • Tutoring and Class Checking: ADSA connects student-athletes with qualified tutors for a wide range of subjects for undergraduate students. If interested in becoming a tutor for the ADSA, submit an application here. Additionally, class checking services ensure attendance in class. 

Academic Achievement and Recognition 

The dedication of our student-athletes and the effectiveness of ADSA’s support are evident in SMU’s recent academic achievements: 

  • Public Recognition from the NCAA: Four SMU programs – men’s golf, women’s golf, rowing, and women’s soccer – received a perfect Academic Progress Rate (APR) score of 1,000, earning prestigious Public Recognition from the NCAA. View the APR results of the 2023 year
  • Surpassing Departmental and National Goals: Fourteen out of fifteen Mustang programs exceeded the departmental goal of a 975 APR score over four years. Additionally, thirteen programs scored equal to or higher than the national average in their respective sports. 

Spring 2024 Academic Highlights: 

  • Spring 2024 Athletic Department GPA:  3.25 
  • 72% of student-athletes received a 3.0 GPA in the Spring 2024 semester
  •  70% of student-athletes received a cumulative GPA above a 3.0
  • Top Single term Team GPAs: 
    • Women’s Cross Country: 3.728 
    • Men’s Tennis: 3.548 
  • Top Cumulative Team GPAs: 
    • Women’s Cross Country: 3.744 
    • Men’s Tennis: 3.629 
    • 55 Student-Athletes earned a perfect 4.00 GPA 

SMU’s student-athletes are true champions, excelling both on the field and in the classroom. They are well-positioned to achieve their athletic and academic goals heading into the ACC on July 1, 2024. Pony Up!  

Academic Devleopment of Student-Athletes (ADSA) Student Academic Engagement & Success

Meet the May Mustang Champions

Southern Methodist University recognizes 4 outstanding student-athletes every month through the Mustang Champions program. Nominations come from both ADSA (Academic Development of Student-Athletes) and athletics staff. These awards celebrate student- athletes who: 

  • Strive for excellence: This could be through improvement in academics, athletics, or both. 
  • Live the S.P.I.R.I.T. of SMU Athletics: S.P.I.R.I.T. stands for the values that SMU athletics strive to uphold. S is for service (we are here for others), P is for Passion (we love what we do), I for Integrity (we do the right thing), R is for Respect (we follow the golden rule), I for Innovation (we seek a better way), and T for Teamwork (we are bound together).  
  • Champion student-athlete success initiatives:  Participation in programs or activities that support student-athlete well-being or academic achievement, like Life After Ball (LAB), SAAC, or BSAC. 

Let’s meet the 4 student-athletes that were selected in May: 

Emily Odwin (Women’s Golf): 

 Emily is a sophomore transfer student-athlete from Barbados that joined the Mustangs in January 2024. Not only did she excel in the classroom, impressing her professors with her stellar academic performance, but she also played a pivotal role in leading the SMU women’s golf team to back-to-back AAC Championships. She became the first golfer from her nation to win an American Collegiate Conference Championship. This accomplishment wasn’t her only first; Emily also holds the distinction of being the first Barbadian woman to ever compete in NCAA Division-1 golf. Her impact on the SMU team was undeniable. Throughout the season, Emily participated in all seven tournaments, showcasing her talent and contributing to a remarkable run that saw the Mustangs claim victory in four of those events. Individually, Emily’s consistency was on display as she secured four top-10 finishes.  Emily’s impressive debut season at SMU was further celebrated when she was awarded the prestigious “Newcomer of the Year” honor by SMU Athletics. 

Camryn McPhaul (Track & Field) 

Camryn, a junior Track and Field student-athlete is known for her leadership qualities. She is an active participant in SMU’s Black Student-Athlete Committee (BSAC) and she took the initiative to attend the Black Student-Athlete Summit in California this year. A significant event that empowers Black student-athletes to excel academically, professionally, and personally.  As an engineering major, her passion for the field shines brightly. This summer, she landed an internship at Parkhub, a software company based in Dallas. This is a fantastic opportunity that allows her to gain valuable experience in the engineering industry. Camryn’s leadership doesn’t stop there. Recognizing the need for support and resources for student-athletes interested in STEM fields, she has become a pioneer in establishing a STEM group specifically for SMU student-athletes. This initiative will undoubtedly pave the way for future generations of athletes to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. 

 Alex Yang (Men’s Golf):  

 Alex Yang, a driven MBA student at SMU’s Cox School of Business, landed a coveted spot at Morrison Seger Venture Capital Partners, putting his networking skills and the opportunities provided by Life After Ball (LAB) to the test. Alex exemplifies the ideal LAB student, actively seeking out ways to connect and grow professionally. His proactive approach has landed him a prime internship at a well-respected venture capital firm. This internship provides Alex with invaluable exposure to the exciting world of start-up funding and investment. 

Niv Berkovitz (Men’s Soccer):  

 Niv Berkovitz comes to the Hilltop from Israel, where he was a member of the U17 and U18 national team and participated in the Israeli cup. Niv is a sophomore currently studying finance at SMU and finished his Spring semester with a 4.0. Niv “is one of the most hard working and dedicated students I know. He never backs down from a challenge and always finds a way to make it work. He is humble, determined, and kind-hearted!” said Kelsey Smith, his academic counselor.  We are excited to see what he can accomplish during his time at SMU!  

 We’ve honored some incredible Mustang Champions this May! Be sure to tune in next month to meet four new student-athletes who are pushing their limits in the gym and the classroom, to become World Changers! 

Academic Devleopment of Student-Athletes (ADSA) Student Academic Engagement & Success

Welcome Jordon Smith, Our New Senior Academic Counselor!

We are thrilled to welcome Jordon Smith to the Academic Development of Student-Athletes (ADSA) team! Jordon joins us as a Senior Academic Counselor working with Football and Women’s Basketball, bringing a wealth of experience and passion for student-athlete success.

Jordon’s journey in academic support for athletes began in 2023 as an Academic Counselor at the University of Arizona. Prior to that, she served as Director of Football Academics at Abilene Christian University, demonstrating a strong commitment to the holistic development of football student-athletes.

Her dedication to the field extends further back, with experience as an Academic Graduate Assistant at the University of Arkansas. Jordon’s foundation for success was built on a strong academic background. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Sport Administration from LSU, followed by a Master of Science in Athletic Leadership from Clemson University. Jordon then went on to earn a Master of Education in Kinesiology from the University of Texas at Austin, showcasing her commitment to continuous learning and growth.

Jordon’s passion extends beyond the walls of ADSA. She actively participates in the National Association for Academic Advisors for Athletics (N4A) External Partnerships Working Group and holds memberships in several committees. This involvement demonstrates her dedication to professional development and collaboration in the field.

A Dallas native, Jordon is excited to be back in her home state, supporting student-athletes and their academic achievements. When she’s not championing student success, you might find her spending time with her beloved Doberman companions, Venus and Dirk.

Please join us in welcoming Jordon to the ADSA family! We are confident her experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm will be invaluable assets to our team and the student-athletes she supports.


Academic Devleopment of Student-Athletes (ADSA) Student Academic Engagement & Success Student Academic Success Programs

More than Just Game Day; its Graduation Day

SMU gathered to celebrate a remarkable group of Mustangs who have excelled not only on the field or court, but also in the classroom. These student-athletes have juggled rigorous training schedules with demanding academic pursuits, demonstrating a commitment to excellence in all areas of their lives. After hearing speeches from: Athletic Director Rick Hart, President Turner, Associate Provost Kunovich, and Raelyn Roberson (President of SAAC, and executive officer of BSAAC); we honored the 98 of student-athletes graduating this commencement year. 

SMU is renowned for its commitment to student-athlete success, and this graduating class is a testament to that. Many have achieved impressive academic feats while balancing the demands of their sports and dedicating free time to their professional or community development. Take, for example, Brooke Frazier’s internship with the Dallas Stars or Avery Bethel’s internship with Parklife. We are so proud of the accomplishments of our seniors!

The Biggest Game Day: Graduation  

As these graduating student-athletes step off the graduation stage and into the next chapter, they carry with them the invaluable lessons learned on the playing field and in the classroom.  Graduation is a public display of academic achievement, while the big game is a display of athletic prowess. Both are moments to showcase the culmination of years of hard work. Their experiences at SMU have instilled in them discipline, teamwork, and a thirst for knowledge – all qualities that will serve them well in their future endeavors. We hope that during their four years at SMU, we have prepared them for life’s challenges.  

The Academic Development of Student-Athletes (ADSA) are incredibly proud of our graduating student-athletes. They are an inspiration to all Mustangs, a testament to the well-rounded education offered at the university, and a symbol of what hard work and dedication can achieve.

Congratulations, Class of 2024! 

*Students listed multiple times have earned more than one degree 

Name Sport Major Program 
Adley,Macey Noelle Rowing Marketing – BBA UGCOX
Allen,Kameron Football Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Allen,Louis Huntley Tennis M Management – MSMGT MGTM
Ambrose-Hylton,Keon Jeremiah Basket M Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Anderson,Lily E Equestrian Operations Research – MS EMISM
Baker,Emily Victoria Rowing Management – MSMGT MGTM
Bilafer,Lauren Ann Marie Rowing Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Bryant,Marcus Dennard Football Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Butler,Lance Austin Swimming M Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Chou,Megan Megumi Golf W Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Clark,Warren Callaway Tennis M General Business – BBA UGCOX
Coffey,Tyler L Swimming M Data Science – BS UGENG
Coffey,Tyler L Swimming M Management Science – BS UGENG
Colomer Vila,Jordina Soccer W Management – BBA UGCOX
Crowley,Jessamine White Cross C-W Philosophy – BA DCII
Crowley,Jessamine White Cross C-W Economics – BS DCII
Crowley,Jessamine White Cross C-W Statistical Science – BS DCII
Crowley,Jessamine White Track O-W Statistical Science – BS DCII
Cullen,Celia Olzem Volley Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Culver,John William Swimming M Economics – BA UGCOX
Culver,John William Swimming M Finance – BBA UGCOX
Dallmann,Jelldrik Soccer M Finance – MSF FINM
Davenport,Tess Elizabeth Golf W Management – MSMGT MGTM
DeLaGarza,Katherine Elizabeth Equestrian Accounting – BBA UGCOX
Dermott,Abigail Rose Soccer W Biochemistry – BS DCII
Dickinson,Isabella Marie Swimming W Finance – BBA UGCOX
Dobson,Olivia Faye Track I-W Psychology – BA UGSIM
Dobson,Olivia Faye Track I-W Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Doyle,Hadley Shaye Tennis W Management – MSMGT MGTM
Ensley,Anne C Rowing Markets & Culture – BA DCII
Ervin,Cameron Jonathan Football Computer Science – MS CSEM
Feehery,Colin Bridgewater Swimming M Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Gearin,Kaitlyn Ann Cross C-W Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Glover,Alexandria Jean Volley Management – MSMGT MGTM
Gudmundsdottir,Johanna Elin Swimming W Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Hargrove,Prather Anne Swimming W Psychology – BA DCII
Hargrove,Prather Anne Swimming W Educational Studies – BS DCII
Hart,Alexandra Grace Rowing Management – BBA UGCOX
Head,Chalyce Dianne Equestrian Psychology – BA DCII
Hemsley,Zairyn Delanne Volley Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Hickman,Branson Lee Football Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Hilts,Micah Nathaniel Football Management – MSMGT MGTM
Hoagland,Jack Walker Swimming M Finance – MSF FINM
Huth,Winslow E Tennis W Data Science – BS UGENG
Huth,Winslow E Tennis W Management Science – BS UGENG
Johnson,Taylor Tennis W Management – MSMGT MGTM
Jolly,Jasmine Simone Track I-W Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Jones,Angel Marie Volley Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Jones,Tamia A Basket W Economics w/ Fina Appl – BS DCII
Jordan,Katherine Hannah Swimming W Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Kearns,Nya Kenlee Equestrian Management – BBA UGCOX
Koulibaly,Jefferson Bakr Basket M Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Krall,Liam Eric Tennis M Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Lanier,Emory Jaali Basket M Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Lavine,Tyler Davies Football Liberal Studies – MLS MLS
Lavine,Tyler Davies Football Organizational Dynamics – CNC MLS
Lewis,Madeleine C Swimming W Biological Sciences – BS DCII
Madden,Taylor June Equestrian Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Manganello,Alyssandra Camille Rowing Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Mavor,Lana Sharon Tennis W Management – MSMGT MGTM
McCormick,Evan Scott Swimming M Finance – BBA UGCOX
Mierswa,Leoni Cross C-W Psychology – BS DCII
Montandon,Mackenzie Jordan Cross C-W Biological Sciences – BS DCII
Montandon,Mackenzie Jordan Track O-W Biological Sciences – BS DCII
Nielson,Caroline Nicole Equestrian Business Analytics – MSBA BUSNM
Nieves,Samantha Lynn Soccer W Accounting – BBA UGCOX
Ohlinger,Lauren Elizabeth Volley Management – MSMGT MGTM
Olajide,Oluwafunminiyi Inioluwa Track I-W Economics – BS DCII
Olajide,Oluwafunminiyi Inioluwa Track O-W Statistical Science – BS DCII
Olsen,Mia Diane Cross C-W Biochemistry – BS DCII
Olsen,Mia Diane Cross C-W Health and Society – BS DCII
Olson,Madeline Layne Golf W Bus Analytics Spply Ch – BBA UGCOX
Padilla,Alexander Michael Football Liberal Studies – MLS MLS
Padilla,Alexander Michael Football Organizational Dynamics – CNC MLS
Parkinson,Maxine Mio Swimming W Biological Sciences – BS DCII
Parnell,Cole Anderson Swimming M Civil Engineering – BSCE UGENG
Parr,Logan Riley Becht Football Management – MSMGT MGTM
Perdue,Dalton Edward Football Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Roberson,Raelyn Track I-W Biological Sciences – BA UGSIM
Roberson,Raelyn Track I-W Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Schifano,John Football Economics – BA DCII
Sillman,Kyle Joshua Tennis M Finance – MSF FINM
Smith,Marcus Harrison Football Creative Computing – BA UGART
Smith,Tyreek S. Basket M Humanities – CNC MLS
Smith,Tyreek S. Basket M Liberal Studies – MLS MLS
Soderquist,Macie Lawren Equestrian General Business – BBA UGCOX
Sparks,Benjamin Adams Football Economics – BA DCII
Stambo,Nicole Taylor Swimming W Management – MSMGT MGTM
Szeryk,Eleanor Eileen Golf W Political Science – BA DCII
Valenzuela,Alexis Marc Alberto Golf M Political Science – BA DCII
Vandenbussche,Indra Swimming W Mechanical Engineering – BSME UGENG
VanderHagen,Mya Rose Swimming W Biochemistry – BS DCII
Vivier,Nicole Jade Golf W Computer Science – BS UGENG
Watson,Jenna Nicole Swimming W Spanish – BA UGCOX
Watson,Jenna Nicole Swimming W Finance – BBA UGCOX
Williams,Whitney Leeann Track I-W Psychology – BA UGSIM
Williams,Whitney Leeann Track I-W Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Williamson,Samuell Stephen Basket M Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Wood,Sarah Joan Rowing Biological Sciences – BS DCII
Yang,Alex Yu-Chen Tennis M Finance – MSF FINM
Yao,Kaichun Football Finance – BBA UGCOX
Young,Jackson Dallas Basket M Applied Phys & Sport Mgmt – BS UGSIM
Zimmerman,Taylor Anne Equestrian Management – MSMGT MGTM
Zisette,John Tennis M Finance – BBA UGCOX
Academic Devleopment of Student-Athletes (ADSA) Student Academic Engagement & Success Student Academic Success Programs

Thank you ADSA Tutors!

The Academic Development of Student-Athletes (ADSA) wants to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude to the incredible team of ADSA tutors, this academic year (2023-2024). These dedicated individuals go above and beyond, offering their free time to help SMU student-athletes succeed, and their hard work and passion to help truly make a difference. 

Supportive and Knowledgeable 

Our ADSA tutors aren’t just there to explain concepts. They take the time to understand each student’s unique individual needs and learning styles. They provide a supportive and encouraging environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and making mistakes. Their deep understanding of the subjects they tutor, allows them to break down complex topics into manageable pieces, making learning more accessible and engaging for our athletes. 

Dedication that Shines Through 

The dedication of ADSA tutors is truly inspiring. They devote countless hours to helping students, on top of their own personal responsibilities, like classes, work, or clubs. They are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that students grasp the material and feel confident in their abilities. This dedication is evident in the positive feedback student-athletes consistently share about their tutoring experiences. 

Making a Lasting Impact 

The impact of ADSA tutors extends far beyond grades and test scores. They help students develop important study skills, critical thinking abilities, and a love of learning. These skills will benefit students not only in their academic careers but also throughout their lives, and the competition field. Our Tutors enforce SMU ‘s mission of becoming “World Changers Shaped Here”.  

Endless Thanks

To all the ADSA tutors, we extend our appreciation to you, especially our seniors that are graduating this semester! Your hard work, dedication, and passion for helping students succeed are truly appreciated. You are an invaluable asset to our SMU community, and you make a real difference in the lives of our athletes!  

Graduating ADSA Tutors- Congratulations to you and this accomplishment that you’ve worked hard for! We wish you the best in all your future endeavors!  

  • David Helsley– B.A. in Philosophy 
  • Erica Yurvati – BBA in Accounting  
  • Isis Kazadi – B.A. in Human Rights, with Public Policy Track & Political Science 
  • Sarah Mende – B.A. in Anthropology & History 
  • Tia Taylor – B.S. in Biological Sciences and Health & Society, Minor in Spanish 
  • Victoria Romanczyk—B.S. in Educational Studies with a focus on 7-12 

#ADSATutors #ThankYou #MakingADifference #ShapingWorldChangersHere 

Academic Devleopment of Student-Athletes (ADSA) Student Academic Engagement & Success

4 New Mustang Champions Announced for April

April brings another round of Mustang Champions to celebrate! Let’s learn more about our Champions this month: Preston Stone, Nyah Rose, Prather Anne Hargrove, and Jack Hoagland.

Preston Stone (FB)

Preston’s leadership extends beyond the football field. He’s emerged as a powerful voice on the SAAC executive committee, proactively tackling challenges and streamlining processes to lighten the load for fellow executives. His influence doesn’t stop there – he fosters a culture of engagement, actively motivating his teammates to become more involved with campus life and connect with the student-athlete community.

Nyah Rose (WSOC)

Nyah is in her second semester of her Freshman year and has demonstrated significant progress in her organizational skills and time management. She has really taken this semester to develop good study habits, and it is evident in the classroom. You can see the joy Nyah has in becoming a better student and athlete! Kelsey Smith (her academic counselor) had this to add; “I have loved every moment of getting to know Nyah and watching her excel in the classroom and on the field. She is a joy to work with and always bring positive energy when I see her!”

Prather Anne Hargrove (WSW)

Prather has been a consistent presence within SAAC; always looking for ways in which she can help or get involved in SMU or the community. A recent receipt of the Extra Yard for Teachers Dr. Pepper Go Teach Award; in which she earned 12,500 in scholarship money. Prather Anne is studying Educational Studies and Psychology and will graduate in Spring 2024. “I am so blessed to have received this award and scholarship,” Hargrove said. “I look forward to serving children with special needs and their families upon my graduation.”

Jack Hoagland (MSW)

Jack is striving to make efforts in the community service space. His desire to serve and encourage others to serve is commendable. His interests in SAAC and being a leader in this area has been great to see this semester. Katie Evans, Jack’s Senior Academic Counselor had this to say about Jack “He is a shining example of what it means to be a student-athlete! He excels athletically and academically at the highest level. He is a true leader and role model for his teammates and all student-athletes.”

These SMU student-athletes are shining examples of how dedication, passion, and a drive to excel can extend far beyond the playing field or pool. They are leaving their mark on the world by inspiring us all to dream big, pursue our goals with purpose, and strive to make a positive impact in our own communities. Let’s celebrate these young world-shapers, and stay tuned to see what incredible things they accomplish next!

Academic Devleopment of Student-Athletes (ADSA) Student Academic Engagement & Success

Prather Anne Hargrove wins Extra Yard for Teachers Dr. Pepper Go Teach Award

Prather Anne Hargrove, a senior member of the SMU Women’s Swimming and Diving team, received the prestigious award for the Extra Yard for Teachers Tuition Giveaway given by the American Athletic Conference (AAC). Prather Anne is the first recipient of SMU to receive this award. She brought in the grand prize of a scholarship worth $12,500.  The first $2,500 was earned from SMU’s nomination and the additional $10,000 comes as a as a result of being chosen as the AAC’s overall winner. 

The College Football Playoff Foundation and Dr. Pepper Award Tuition Assistance is given to deserving education majors. Over 260 student-athletes across the country have received tuition support through the program since its founding in 2020.  

Prather Anne is studying Educational Studies and Psychology at SMU and will graduate in Spring 2024. “I am so blessed to have received this award and scholarship,” Hargrove said. “I look forward to serving children with special needs and their families upon my graduation.”

Dr. Emily Cobb, one of Prather Anne’s nominees for this award, had this to say, ““(Prather’s) tenacity and eagerness to learn, and teach others, is why she would make a natural educator”. 

Katie Evans, her academic counselor, at the Academic Development of Student-Athletes (ADSA) stated, “Prather Anne is an inspiration! Her dedication to academics and her passion for education make her a true role model for young students and athletes everywhere.” 

To learn more about the Dr. Pepper Scholarship and how to apply; please visit their site:

Academic Devleopment of Student-Athletes (ADSA) Student Academic Engagement & Success

Mustang Champions Announced for March 2024

SMU Athletics and the Academic Development of Student-Athletes (ADSA) have selected four Mustang Champions for the month of March! Let’s meet the four SMU Mustangs that are reaching for new heights personally and academically during this semester:

Leif Bouwman (Men’s Swim & Dive)

  • Leif isn’t just keeping his head above water in the pool – he’s also conquering the demanding world of Mechanical Engineering (Premedical/Biomedical Specialization). Despite the challenging coursework, Leif boasts a near-perfect 3.981 GPA this Spring and exemplifies dedication and perseverance.

Raelyn Roberson (Track & Field/ Cross Country)

  • Raelyn isn’t just double-majoring in Applied Physiology and Health Management (APHM) and Biological Sciences – as a senior, she’s mastered the art of being a student-athlete. Driven, resilient, and a true leader on and off the track, Raelyn embodies what it means to excel in academics and athletics. As president of the Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC), she’s a champion for her fellow athletes, using her voice to make a positive impact across the entire campus. Want to learn more about the amazing work SAAC does? Check them out here! SMU SAAC

Kobe Wilson – (Football)

  • Kobe Wilson isn’t just a standout on the field – he’s a champion for his fellow student-athletes and the Dallas community. Over the past few months, Kobe has become an active member for the Black Student-Athlete Advisory Council (BSAAC). He’s not just attending meetings, he’s actively spreading the word about BSAAC’s mission and inspiring others to join.  He’s a dedicated volunteer, actively participating in DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) events and making a positive difference in Dallas. Kobe is also taking full advantage of the Life After Ball (LAB) program, networking with professionals and applying for internships. Talk about a World Shaper in action!

Jenna Watson – (Women’s Swim & Dive)

  • This semester, Jenna Watson has immersed herself in the SMU Community head first! Not only did she jump in to help lead the March SAAC meeting when Raelyn was away, but she also spearheaded the preparation for the crucial SAAC/Strategy Meeting on March 25th. Jenna shouldered a huge chunk of the project, making sure all the presentation materials were polished and ready to go by deadline. This Mustang Champion clearly isn’t afraid to take charge and make a difference!

Come back next month for another update of Mustang Champions of the Month!

Academic Devleopment of Student-Athletes (ADSA) Student Academic Engagement & Success

Highlighting our February Mustang Champions

Our second round of Mustang Champions has been announced for the Spring semester! Mustang Champions are nominated each month, by ADSA and athletics staff, for recognizing athletes that are working to perform at their highest level! Whether by improving their academic or athletic performance, embodying the S.P.I.R.I.T of SMU athletics, or student-athlete success initiatives.

Sarah Kelly (Women’s Rowing) exemplifies dedication and perseverance. Despite facing challenges, Sarah has remained focused throughout the spring semester, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to success in her academics. Her hard work is evident in her strong academic performance and grades.

Ja’Heim Hudson (Men’s Basketball) embodies a well-rounded student-athlete. Ja’Heim dedicates extra time to academics, attending study hall and diligently completing work with his counselor, even while traveling for games. His commitment shines not only in the classroom but also on the court.

Bryce McMorris (Football) has emerged as a true leader. Bryce actively participates in both the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and the Black Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (BSAAC). He collaborated to establish a student-athlete STEM group-fostering academic engagement in science, technology, engineering, and math. Furthermore, Bryce advocates for fellow athletes by discussing student-athlete employment opportunities and their potential benefits and drawbacks. His consistent leadership extends to bi-monthly senior staff meetings, where he represents SAAC effectively.

Layla Garcia-Moreno (Women’s Soccer) exemplifies a strong work ethic. Despite only speaking English for two years, Layla actively participates in all Life After Ball (LAB) resources this semester. She is diligently working on her resume in pursuit of an internship, demonstrating a proactive approach to her future and excellent use of her resources.

Congratulations once again to Sarah, Ja’Heim, Bryce, and Layla for being recognized as our February Mustang Champions! These student-athletes are just a few examples of the many Mustangs who are excelling both on and off the field. Remember, there’s always someone to cheer for at SMU!