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Crossing the Finish Line cohort continues to thrive in Spring 2024

The Office of Student Success and Retention (SSR) is committed to providing support and resources to help students overcome challenges and achieve their goals on the Hilltop.  

Crossing the Finish Line is a program that assists SMU students with completing their degrees. The Office of Student Success and Retention works collaboratively with University Decision Support, academic advisors, and School Records Offices to identify undergraduate students who have left SMU and were close to graduation based on credit hours but did not attend another university. The purpose of Crossing the Finish Line is to use re-engagement efforts to support those students in graduating within the four to six-year timeframe. 

SSR invited a select number of students to participate in the Spring 2024 cohort, and 4 out of 15 invited students decided to return to SMU, or students currently attending SMU utilized this initiative to complete their degree.  

Dr. Sheri Kunovich, Associate Provost for Student Academic Engagement and Success, Dr. Dustin Grabsch, Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Education and Academic Success, and Shun Colter, Assistant Director of SSR worked together to identify eligible students who meet the requirements for Crossing the Finish Line. This criteria includes a GPA of 1.8 or above, in good standing with the University, and residing in the Dallas area. 

Crossing the Finish Line, is one of the Student Success initiatives led by SSR, such as Summer Forge, that support and empower students to succeed from their first day through graduation.  

Please contact Shun Colter for more information about Crossing the Finish Line. 







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