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LAI seats held for select undergraduate students to assist with CC student progress this fall

Thanks to the Department of World Languages & Literature and the Department of English, the Office of General Education was able to hold seats in Literary Analysis and Interpretation (LAI)-tagged courses for fall 2023.

317 students who have not satisfied this general education requirement were admitted in fall 2020, spring 2021, and fall 2022. Due to concerns for student progress through the Common Curriculum (CC) by these admit cohorts in particular, this one-time initiative hopes to assist more students in accessing LAI-tagged courses to complete the requirement.

The email below will be sent to students later today, March 27.

Questions or concerns can be directed to the Office of General Education via email at

To: LAI Students (n = 317)

From: General Education

Title: Hey Mustang, we’ve held a seat this Fall for you to complete your CC Literary Analysis and Interpretation requirement

March 27, 2023

Dear Mustang –

The Office of General Education wants to inform you that we saved you a seat this Fall in a Literary Analysis and Interpretation (LAI)-tagged course.

As of March 21, your Degree Progress Report (DPR) indicated you had not satisfied your LAI requirement. As you approach graduation, sometimes registering for the necessary courses is more challenging, so we wanted to help you fulfill this Common Curriculum (CC) requirement.

We have held a limited number of seats for LAI-tagged courses this Fall for you. The catch? They are only available during continuing student enrollment, and after this time, the held seats will be released. The following courses have held seats for you:

World Languages Department
WL 2330 – Spanish Civilization
WL 3326 – Introduction to French Cinema
WL 2333 – Italian American Cinema
WL 3371 – Latam Through Film
WL 3381 – GrecoRoman World in Lit & Film
WL 3383 – Latin American Women Writers


English Department
ENGL  1320 – Cultures of Medieval Chivalry

ENGL  1330 – The World of Shakespeare

ENGL  2311 – Poetry

ENGL  2312 – Fiction

ENGL  2313 – Drama

ENGL  2318 – Intro To Digital Literature

ENGL  3320 – Topics in Medieval Literature

ENGL  3347 – Topics in Am Lit in Age of Rev

ENGL  3355 – Transatlantic Encounters III

ENGL  3362 – African-American Literature

ENGL  3363 – Chicana/Chicano Literature

Can’t fit in an LAI course this Fall? Consider SMU Intersessions or plan to complete it in the spring.

Special thanks to the Department of World Languages & Literature and the Department of English for working with us to hold seats.

We know enrollment can be stressful, and registering for classes you need to graduate may add to this. We hope these saved seats can help you fulfill your general education requirements.


Dustin K. Grabsch,  PhD
Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Education & Academic Success


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