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Adding Degree Planner to-do item on the my.SMU Student Dashboard

SMU in Four added a to-do item on the my.SMU student dashboard to improve the adoption of the academic planning tool Degree Planner. SMU in Four aspires to have all Common Curriculum undergraduates, approximately 5,200 students, have a complete degree plan on file.

Below is a message sent to all declared and pre-major Common Curriculum students with incomplete degree plans. The message was sent in Message Center within the my.SMU platform.

The Complete Degree Planner button will take students to their to-do items via a deep link. The to-do item text varies slightly based on a student being a declared or pre-major student.

An example of a declared major’s to-do item is below:

An example of a pre-major student’s to-do item is below:

The SMU in Four team will manually update individual students’ to-do item statuses every Monday. Once complete, the to-do item will disappear from the student dashboard.

The status field will not be automatic or instantaneous, and we expect this might cause some student and advisor concerns. If a to-do item remains after the subsequent Monday night, please reach out for assistance.

For questions related to Degree Planner, please visit or email

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