RME Partnering with Jamaican Ministry of Education and IDB on Pilot Program

RME is partnering with the Jamaican Ministry of Education and the Inter-American Development Bank to implement a pilot program aimed at supporting parents’ involvement in math education at home. The goal of this project is to improve outcomes for children in the earliest grades and to drive activities that incorporate math into everyday family life, fostering confidence and knowledge that carries forward into the classroom.

RME researchers Leanne Ketterlin-Geller, Pooja Shivraj, and Erica Simon spent a week in Kingston, Jamaica conducting focus groups with parents, educators, community leaders, and advocacy groups of the region on the perceptions of mathematics education. RME will return throughout the next two academic years to implement coaching and training sessions with parents. Read more…

Connecting Students’ Interests to Algebraic Reasoning

CandaceW2013“Students often can’t see the connection between their world and algebra. Exploring ways to connect math to their lives, experiences and knowledge is critical for making it accessible and captivating. That’s especially true when considering students from diverse backgrounds.” – RME Researcher, Candace Walking. Read more about her research and current study with DISD students here. 

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Interviews Dean Chard on Importance of Learning Math

Dean Chard 1A keynoter for the Successful Learning Conference hosted by the University of Sydney, Simmons Dean David Chard talks about math being a gateway for learning on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s radio program Life Matters. Click here to list to the podcast.

George W. Bush Institute: Middle School Matters Inititative

Bush InstituteThe Bush Institute recently announced the selection of three schools to participate in the Middle School Matters Initiative. These three schools, of which two are in Texas, will receive intensive, on-site support in reading, mathematics and writing from the Nation’s leading experts.