Connecting Students’ Interests to Algebraic Reasoning

CandaceW2013“Students often can’t see the connection between their world and algebra. Exploring ways to connect math to their lives, experiences and knowledge is critical for making it accessible and captivating. That’s especially true when considering students from diverse backgrounds.” – RME Researcher, Candace Walking. Read more about her research and current study with DISD students here. 

Texas Math Teacher: Supporting Students’ Algebra Readiness: An RtI Approach

RME Researchers and partners collaborate with state of Texas mathematics leadership to articulate not only what an RtI approach is, but how it can implement within a specific framework at the middle school level: Supporting Students’ Algebra Readiness: A Response to Intervention Approach.

Education Week: Studies Find Payoff in ‘Personalizing’ Algebra

WalkingtonCaDr. Candace Walkington studies the emerging payoff of personalization for struggling math students. She works with 145 9th graders in a high poverty school in Dallas to better understand how personalized math problems allow students to gain a better understanding of Algebra and boost their confidence level. Read more.