STEM Academy Wraps Second Summer of Professional Development for DISD Teachers

The STEM Academy for Science Teachers and Leaders finished its second year of professional development during the months of June and July. Academy I brought in 9 new schools including H.P. Garcia, Harold W. Lang, Longfellow, Marsh, Greiner, Piedmont, J.L. Long and Hulcy middle schools, while Academy II saw the six original schools return for their second year of the professional development. Forty-three middle school science teachers designed grade-level appropriate STEM learning environments utilizing Project-based Learning, Maker-based Instruction, Informal Learning Spaces and also engaged in a deeper understanding of Social and Emotional Learning. Faculty for the Academy included professors from both the Simmons School of Education and the Lyle School of Engineering.

Significant relationships with community and corporate partners within the STEM field is a key component of this overall project, so that participants can foster and understand how a STEM education translates to career. This year’s partners included field trips with the Frontiers of Flight, the DART, and WalkSTEM. For more information, send an email to


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