Dr. Ketterlin Geller supports Parent Math Training Pilot while in Jamaica

20160810_jamacia_team_8551 Dr. Ketterlin Geller has been living in Kingston, Jamaica with her family since August to support the first months of implementation of the Parent Math Training Pilot project in the island country. Dr. Ketterlin Geller has been meeting regularly with the coaches as they prepare to work with 800 families, managing educational supplies and logistics, connecting with data collectors as baseline data collection begins, as well as working closely with the Ministry of Education to ensure all aspects of the project meet anticipated goals, while sharing more information about the project to the public at lar20160810_jamacia_team_8630ge. Researcher Josh Geller has been actively involved with providing coaches with day-to-day support, communication, and training for the project.

Dr. Ketterlin Geller was recently interviewed on local morning show, CVM Sunrise, along with Dr. Tamika Benjamin, the national mathematics coordinator for the Jamaica Ministry of Education, and together they explained the purpose of the project, how and why it relates to the Program of Advancement Through Health and Education (PATH), and why the focus is on children in first and second grade.

The most recent information about the status of the project has come through the Jamaica Information System (JIS) via a public service announcement that will be shared on local television and radio stations as well as on social media to provide more detailed information as the project progresses. You can read the full article from JIS here.

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