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Welcome Home: This is How to Mustang Move-In

Everyone at SMU is super excited to welcome new and returning faces to the Hilltop. All students are welcome, and whether you are a math major or a dance major, you will go through the same move-in process. The first step is to upload a Student ID photo onto the My Card Portal by July 1st. If you missed that date, it’s okay, go ahead and get a photo uploaded asap! Next, select a Move-In Day time slot on the SMU housing portal. No time slot is better than another, so sign up for whichever time works best for you and your travel plans. Make sure you have signed up and confirmed a time slot before booking travel.

Now it is time for you to head to SMU’s beautiful campus, and drive to your designated residence hall’s parking area. Find your parking location here.

Students relax inside their dorm after they have moved in!

Once you park it’s time for the fun part: moving all of your stuff into your room! In order to move in, you need to check-in at your move-in tent first. Find your move-in tent location based on your Commons assignment here. And don’t worry! All move-in tents are situated very close to your parking area and Commons, so you can navigate easily. After you have checked in, borrow a moving bin (you must return these once you are finished), and turn your room into your new home.

For those living in the Upper Division Housing, you will check-in at the move-in tent and then park. Students that are living in Upper Division Housing will find their move-in tents before parking and go through their own move-in process. Those living in Daniel House will check-in at the Lobby of Daniel House via the SMU Housing Portal, inside the lobby. Students living in Moore, Martin, Service House (SMUSH), Smith, Perkins, or 3050, the check-in tent will be at the V parking lot, next to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house.

Upper Division Housing students will drive to their residence hall and park. Upper Division Housing parking locations based on your residence hall are located here. Upper Division Housing students can grab a moving bin and turn their room into their new home.

New residents meet and help each other move in, ready to take on the year.

After your family and friends are done helping you move, they can spend time with you around campus. However, we ask that if you have a sweet parking spot, that you move your car to another level or area so that other students moving in have an easier time. Also, if you have any moving bins, please return them for others to use. Once complete, many students take this time to walk their class schedule before their first day of classes so they are better prepared come August 22nd. You are also free to explore the dining areas on and off campus. SMU’s bookstore is right next to the Southeast Area, so you could also pick up your textbooks and some SMU swag. There are so many things to do here on campus and we are so happy you get to experience them with us.

If you are looking to get a better feel of the campus and where you will spend your next four years, our website has complete 360 tours of the commons along with floor plans, and information about Commons specific activities and staff. If you missed our Instagram Live Tour on July 22nd, check out RLSH’s Instagram for the Highlights and links to more information. I highly recommend following your commons and RLSH on Instagram for more updates and events with what happens around campus.

SMU thinks of everything, they even offer a Packing Guide, with the essentials of what students need here on the Hilltop. SMU also provides resources with more information on overflow housing, stampede, dining, and parking.

Welcome to the Hilltop! Now that you are prepared for a smooth Move-In, we are counting down the days until you get here.