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Move-In Details

Move-In Day is just around the corner, and we are so excited to welcome you back for the Fall 2020 Semester! As you begin to make your plans, we wanted to provide details and updates about our Move-In process to ensure the safety of all Mustangs and their guests. To welcome you and share expectations, here’s a message from our Dean of Residence Life & Student Housing, Melinda Carlson. 

All students with an active booking received an e-mail from on August 5 containing the following Move-In details:  


Before you arrive  

Before you arrive at the Hilltop, there are a few things to do and know. Should you need to confirm your move-in timeslot, you can log into the SMU Housing Portal to ensure you arrive on the correct day at the correct time. It is imperative that you arrive during your assigned time in order to maintain a safe and healthy move-in process!  

You and your move-in guests are required to self-screen for symptoms of COVID-19 and monitor your temperature prior to coming to campus. Should you or any of your guests assisting you with move-in show symptoms or have a fever, please do not come to campus and contact RLSH as soon as possible.   

It’s always good to prepare for the weather and moving conditions for your move-in day; August in Texas can be very hot at times with the heat index reaching over 100°F some days! Please be sure to bring water to stay hydrated and wear comfortable clothing to move your belongings. Some locations do not have parking readily available nearby, so prepare to be outside moving items in. RLSH will provide 1 moving bin per student to help with this process.  While many universities are limiting the amount of items students may bring for Fall 2020, we are simply encouraging you to pack smart.  Remember that you will likely not need to bring any winter clothing this Fall.  For returning students who used a moving company in the Spring 2020 Semester, if you have not done so already, please contact your moving company letting them know you will be returning to campus as soon as possible! 

Finally, it is always helpful to contact and coordinate with your roommate on what to bring for your room. Each room is allowed one small refrigerator (no larger than 3.1 cubic feet) and one microwave (under 800 Watts). We are sure you’ll have other items to make your home at SMU comfortable, so best to plan ahead! If you are interested in renting a refrigerator or microwave, click here for more information. 


Day of Move-In  

When you arrive to campus, you will go to your designated parking location. Parking locations are pre-determined based upon your residential community. Please find your residential community and click below to find your pre-determined parking locations:  

To maintain a safe and healthy move-in process, we are asking that you arrive to your check-in location during your assigned timeslot. Your timeslot is 2 hours long, meaning you will have access to a moving bin and the elevators for that time. We highly encourage you to move all of your items into your room within that timeslot, and then begin to unpack and set up your room after returning your bin to make the most of your time. Each student will be allowed 2 guests to be in the building with them at any given time, and each person will be required to wear an assigned sticker for that day provided at check-in. Individuals not wearing a sticker will be escorted out of the building. Similarly, face masks or coverings are required throughout the entire move-in process, and must be worn both inside and outside of the buildings. You can remove them while in the individual student room. We also ask that you follow all social distancing guidelines during move-in by following signage both outside and in our buildings, as well as floor stickers in our hallways and elevators.  

  • Card & Pin – New students in the Southeast Area Residential Commons (Armstrong, Crum, Kathy Crow, Ware, and Loyd) and Daniel House Apartments, please follow the instructions provided by SMU ID Card Services on the Manage my Card tab.  



  • When you first arrive in your room, it is essential that you complete your room inventory on your SMU Housing Portal. If there is something that needs repair, you will submit a work request through our Facilities page. Completion of your room inventory will also help you avoid any damage charges at the conclusion of the year that were in your room prior to your arrival.   
  • The deadline to submit a bed loft was July 31 to ensure that your loft is completed by your arrival to campus. If there are issues with your loft, it is essential that you notify your Residential Community Director. Do not attempt to loft your own bed. This can be very dangerous and may result in a damage charge. If you need to request to have your bed lowered, you will be able to submit a request via the SMU Housing Portal to do so. Requests will be accepted starting August 17 and will be completed the following week.  
  • If you have requested a ladder, it is important that your ladder remain in your room for the entire academic year. Removing or discarding the ladder will result in a charge.   
  • It is critical that you do not remove your guardrail. Upon final room inspections, a charge will be assessed if your guardrail is not attached. The guardrail is for your safety and must remain installed.  
  • For a detailed breakdown of all estimated damage charges, click here!  


Helpful Tips  

  • For move in, we recommend bringing gloves, sanitizing products, cleaning supplies, and any other cleaning materials or personal protective equipment.  
  • Face coverings will be required for all students and guests during move in  
  • The Texas heat is for real! We recommend that you wear comfortable and cool clothes, as well as bring water and sun screen. Comfortable shoes are a must!  
  • Select your area to see our recommendations of what to pack and guidance on what not to pack:   
  • More questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page  
  • And don’t forget, when in doubt, ask a RLSH staff person!  

Here is a helpful list to remember when you arrive:  

  1. Self Screen for COVID-19  
  2. Park (see map)  
  3. Walk to check in location (see map)  
  4. Check in using cell phone (directions given at check in location)  
  5. Get move-in stickers for student and two guests  
  6. Borrow bin from check in location (as available)  
  7. Move items into room  
  8. Return Bin  
  9. Unpack  


Be sure to regularly check the Move-In and FAQs webpages for more information!

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