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Roommates, Microwaves, and Answers to So Many Questions

On Monday, July 27, residents were notified via their SMU email that the much-anticipated roommate information was available. Residents are able to log into the SMU Housing Portal and view their roommate information under the Fall 2020 Move-In section.  


If a resident living in a double room did not have a mutual roommate request, the Residence Life and Student Housing (RLSH) assignments team matched roommates based on profile questions answered in the 2020-2021 on-campus housing application.  


RLSH included the following FAQs and reminders to residents in this communication:  


Room and Roommate FAQs 

Can I request a new building or different assignment?  No.  We are fully occupied for Fall 2020, and are not accepting new room or building requests.  Residents who are interested in applying for a room change may do so beginning Tuesday, September 1, by contacting their respective RCD. 


I received my roommate information and am not comfortable with their social distancing.  We will not be accepting any new roommate, room or building requests at this time. We encourage all roommates to speak to each other regarding what is appropriate in their living space. To assist with this process, the resident assistant will help coordinate a roommate agreement between both residents. The Residential Commons Director (RCD) will also assist residents with their concerns. Residents who are interested in applying for a room change may do so beginning Tuesday, September 1, by contacting their respective RCD.  


I requested a 1-term single room, when will I know if I get one? 

We expect to be able to offer a limited number of singles for fall semester, and will begin making single assignments in August. Students will receive an email if they are offered a single. 


Can I still request a 1-term single room? 

We are still accepting requests for 1-term singles in the Healthy at SMU section of the Housing Portal. 


Answers to Many Questions 

There is a new FAQ webpage on the Residence Life and Student Housing that contains additional information about Move In, processes related to positive COVID-19, and more. 



We are excited to announce that residents may have a microwave that is under 800 watts in their room for 2020-21. Please check in with your roommate about this. Only one microwave is allowed per bedroom. 


Bed Loft Request Information 

The Loft Request form is now live on the SMU Housing Portal. The deadline to submit a request is Friday, July 31. To minimize the spread of COVID-19, only requests to have beds lowered will be accepted after the July 31 deadline. If you request to have your bed lowered, specific details will be sent to you regarding what needs to take place in your room before our staff enter. 


Fall Exemption Policy Deadline Extended 

To best support our students, the University is providing two additional residential options for fall. 

  1. A one-semester exemption for the fall semester to the requirement that all first- and second-year students live in on-campus housing. 
  1. A one-semester request for a single room for the fall semester. 

Students can make their request under the “Healthy Fall at SMU” section of the SMU Housing Portal. This option will remain open until July 31. Students who are comfortable with their housing application preferences do not need to do anything at this time. Specific details about these exemption requirements can be found on your housing portal under the “Healthy at SMU” tab. 


August Move-in and Arrival 

We are excited to welcome you to the Hilltop for Fall 2020. If you have not already done so, please sign up for a Fall Move-In timeslot on the SMU Housing Portal before July 31. To maintain safety capacities in buildings, some move-in timeslots may need to be adjusted to help spread out activity. If necessary, we will reach out to families about rescheduling their times, but we understand that families make plans for that date so we will work to limit changes as much as possible. Students without a timeslot will not be able to move in. 


Returning students who had items moved and stored by SMU-arranged movers during Spring 2020 must reach out to their moving company to let them know that you are living on campus during the fall semester. The movers will return items to campus between August 5-12 so belongings will be in student rooms prior to Fall Move-In. Should you have any questions after you have moved in about your items, please then contact the your moving company.  


Request to Change Meal Plan 

Meal plans are managed through Dining Services. If you wish to change your plan in order to adjust your Flex dollars, you may complete the request by using this link before 5 PM on the fifth class day of the semester. For more information about meal plans, please contact Dining Services. 


If you have other questions regarding living in the residential communities on campus, we encourage you to take a look at our website. 

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