Winter Safety

Do you plan on putting up holiday decorations this year?  Traveling for the holidays?

In order to keep everyone on campus safe, the Office of Risk Management suggests the following best practices for the Holiday Season:

  • Only use a safe ladder on a flat surface when hanging decorations. Don’t use chairs and tables in place of a ladder.
  • Keep cords and other items out of walking paths.
  • Keep floors clean and dry. Clean up spills quickly.
  • Always keep three points of contact when going up and down stairs. Don’t try to carry too many things.
  • Never hang decorations from lights, sprinklers, or smoke alarms.

Wintertime also means cold weather! We also ask to take extra care, in the event of bad weather.

  • Try to minimize trips that expose you to the elements.
  • Pay extra attention to the health yourself and others. Know the signs and symptoms of cold stress.
  • Drink warm liquids through the day.
  • Wear extra layers of clothing or keep them available.
  • Keep a blanket in your vehicle in case of an emergency.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or 214-768-2083.


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