Flood Safety

According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, September 2018 is the wettest September on record.  At this time, October 2018 is the second wettest October on record and the rain is still coming.  Due to the record amount of rain, it is important that we keep a couple of things in mind for flood safety.  Stay inform about current weather and road conditions via radio and television.  Currently, Dallas is under a flood warning.  What does that mean?  What is the difference between flood watch vs flood warning?  Flood watch means that flooding maybe possible while flood warning means that flood may have occurred in some areas.  Stay away from flooded area do not walk or swim in flood waters because you never know what could be lurking under the water.  Do not drive into water of unknown depths or around barricades.  All it takes is 6 inches of moving water to knock you down and one foot of moving water to sweep your car away.  Make sure you move to higher ground and stay away from storm drains, ditches, and stream.  If you do become trapped in flooded areas, get out quickly, move to higher ground and contact emergency services immediately.  If you notice any leaks or standing water in a building on campus, please notify SMU Facilities at 8-7000 as soon as possible.





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