UPI: Some organic food may be healthier

SMU Department of Biological Sciences

UPI: Some organic food may be healthier

The international news wire service UPI has covered research carried out in the fruit fly lab of SMU biologist Johannes Bauer by Plano, Texas, high school student Ria Chhabra in its article "Some organic food may be healthier." Bauer mentored Chhabra in her research to examine whether there would be health differences to fruit flies fed an organic diet or a nonorganic diet. Chhabra's study found that flies fed an organic diet fared better on important health tests, particularly fertility and longevity.

Fruit flies fed organic diets are healthier than flies fed nonorganic diets, study finds

Fruit flies fed an organic diet recorded better health outcomes than flies fed a nonorganic diet, according to a new study from Southern Methodist University, Dallas. Researchers in the lab of SMU biologist Johannes Bauer found that fruit flies raised on organic foods performed better on a variety of health tests. The flies on organic diets showed improvements on the most significant measures of health, namely fertility and longevity.

Discover blog “80 beats”: Newly Unearthed Papers From Fossil Hunters Include An Ode to Bones

The science magazine Discover has covered the research of SMU vertebrate paleontologist Louis L. Jacobs and the infamous Bone Wars of the late 1800s. In a post on Discover's "80 beats" blog, the magazine reprinted the translation of a poem written by frontier naturalist and fossil hunter Jacob Boll. Jacobs came across the poem at the American Museum of Natural History on a label on the back of Eryops specimen No. AMNH 4183.

Frontburner: Texas’ Bone Wars Studied by SMU Professor

Jason Heid, an editor with D Magazine's popular Frontburner blog, covered the research of SMU vertebrate paleontologist Louis L. Jacobs and the infamous Bone Wars of the late 1800s.

Texas frontier scientists who uncovered state’s fossil history had role in epic Bone Wars

In the late 1800s, furious fossil speculation across the American West escalated into a high-profile national feud called the Bone Wars.

Human diabetes has new research tool: Overfed fruit flies that develop insulin resistance

Johannes Bauer, SMU, fruit flies, diabetesWith Type 2 human diabetes climbing at alarming rates in the United States, researchers are seeking treatments for the disease, which has been linked to obesity and poor diet. Now biologists at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, report they have developed a new discovery tool that will help researchers better understand this deadly disease.

Blocking enzyme may prove novel way to thwart HIV

Harrod%2CRobert%20lab4.jpgIn 1996 the introduction of "triple cocktail" drug therapy transformed AIDS from a death sentence into a manageable chronic disease. The drug regimen, also known as HAART for highly active antiretroviral treatment, involved treating patients with three or more classes of antiviral medicines.

But the virus fought back. It mutates easily, and the mutations caused resistance to first one and then another drug making up the cocktail. Unsettling reports of newly infected patients with the drug-resistant virus meant researchers needed to find new ways to fight HIV infection.

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