World’s first full skeletal mount of <em>Paluxysaurus jonesi</em> dinosaur reveals new biology

Paluxysaurus jonesi

World’s first full skeletal mount of Paluxysaurus jonesi dinosaur reveals new biology

STATE_DINO_photo_Lauersmaller.jpgPaluxysaurus jonesi weighed 20 tons, was 60 feet long and had a neck 26 feet long, according to the scientists who have prepared the world's first full skeletal mount of the dinosaur.

The massive Paluxysaurus jonesi, prepared for the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History in Fort Worth, was unveiled Nov. 20 when the museum opened in a new $80 million facility.

Mistaken ID for official Texas state dinosaur; name to change

It's a case of mistaken dino-identity. The official State Dinosaur of Texas is up for a new name, based on Southern Methodist University research that proved the titleholder has been misidentified. State Rep. Charles Geren of Fort Worth filed a resolution January 7 to change the name of the state dinosaur from Pleurocoelus to Paluxysaurus jonesi to correctly name the massive sauropod whose tracks and bones litter the central Texas Jones Ranch.