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CBS 11: Marital Tension Disturbs The Family Bond

Spouses admit that when conflict and tension arise between one another, their relationships with their children suffer.

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Local CBS 11 News has covered the research of psychology expert Chrystyna Kouros, assistant professor in the SMU Department of Psychology.

Chrystyna Kouros focuses on understanding depressive symptoms and depression in the context of family stress.

One line of her research focuses on the etiology, maintenance, and progression of child and adolescent depression, and how symptoms change over time. She has a particular interest in the effects of children’s exposure to everyday marital conflict and parental psychopathology.

CBS 11 reviewed the research of Chyrstyna Kouros concerning how marital disputes can damage the relationship between parent and child in the article “Study: Marital Tension Disturbs The Family Bond,” which published Aug. 29.

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By CBS 11
A new study from researchers at Southern Methodist Universityfound that arguments between couples may negatively impact bonds between children and parents.

Researchers discovered that when parents reported higher tension levels or conflict in their marriage, the interaction with their child, during that time, was also greatly strained. This was more commonly experienced in fathers, who pushed greater amounts of stress onto relationships in family life, according to the study.
Overall mothers were more likely to compartmentalize issues than fathers in a bad marriage.

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