USA TODAY: SMU’s Jasper Smits urges exercise Rx for anxiety, depression

Jasper Smits

USA TODAY: SMU’s Jasper Smits urges exercise Rx for anxiety, depression

Exercies%20for%20anxiety%2C%20swimmer%2C%20150.jpgUSA Today interviewed SMU's Jasper Smits about his research indicating exercise offers effective relief for anxiety and depression.

In the article "Exercise to get rid of anxiety, and put on a happy face" published April 26, health columnist Kim Painter quotes Smits saying more therapists should prescribe exercise as an effective treatment.

Daily Telegraph highlights SMU’s Jasper Smits on exercise and mental health

Exercies%20for%20anxiety%2C%20swimmer%2C%20150.jpgThe Daily Telegraph has taken note of the research of SMU psychologist Jasper Smits, who co-authored a book detailing how exercise can provide relief for people who struggle with depression and anxiety disorders.

Study: Exercise should be prescribed more often for depression, anxiety

Exercise%20Rx%20anxiety%2C%20running%2C%20400.jpgExercise is a magic drug for many people with depression and anxiety disorders, according to researchers who analyzed numerous studies, and it should be more widely prescribed by mental health care providers.

"Exercise has been shown to have tremendous benefits for mental health," says Jasper Smits, director of the Anxiety Research and Treatment Program at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. "The more therapists who are trained in exercise therapy, the better off patients will be."

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