SMU professor David J. Meltzer talks about the first people in the New World with MeatEater


SMU professor David J. Meltzer talks about the first people in the New World with MeatEater

DALLAS (SMU) – Imagine being one of the first Ice Age people in the New World and seeing a rattlesnake for the first time. Or encountering a plant you'd never seen before and wondering if it is a food source or something that could poison you. Professor David J. Meltzer from SMU (Southern Methodist University) [...]

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New map outlines seismic faults across DFW region

Study by SMU, UT Austin and Stanford scientists rates faults for potential earthquakes; Faults under DFW urban area viewed as lower quake hazard   DALLAS (SMU) – Scientists from SMU, The University of Texas at Austin and Stanford University found that the majority of faults underlying the Fort Worth Basin are as sensitive to forces [...]

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Texas’ strategic goal for students’ debt burden shows potential promise and pitfalls

SMU professor found black and Latinx college graduates had some of the highest debt-to-income ratios  DALLAS (SMU) –College students in Texas who graduated from public universities with a bachelor’s degree had, on average, student loan debts that equaled 74 percent of what they earned in their first-year wages, according to a new study from SMU [...]

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SMU’s ‘Titans in a Jar’ could answer key questions ahead of NASA’s space exploration

NASA headed to Saturn’s ‘Titan’ moon in 2026 to look for signs of past or present life  DALLAS (SMU) – Researchers from Southern Methodist University (SMU) could help determine if Saturn’s icy moon – Titan – has ever been home to life long before NASA completes an exploratory visit to its surface by a drone [...]

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Inside Higher Ed: The truth about bias response teams is more complex than often thought

DALLAS (SMU) – Are bias response teams political correctness police on college campuses? Or are they a quick fix for dealing with prejudice and bias? In an opinion piece in Inside Higher Ed, a team of professors, including Southern Methodist University's S. Kiersten Ferguson, argues that the truth is more complex. They note that bias [...]

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New power generation technology using waste heat from geothermal plants tested by SMU

The Geothermal Laboratory at Southern Methodist University (SMU) has just completed a research project that aims to use ultra-low-grade heat (150 °F to 250 °F) normally discarded by geothermal facilities to generate additional electricity. A central component of this project was the proprietary bottoming cycle technology of PwrCor, Inc., an advanced technology company that focuses [...]

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Long exposure to protein inhibitor may be the key to more effective chemotherapy for treatment-resistant cancers, SMU finds

SMU researchers find success in treating drug-resistant prostate cancer cells in the lab DALLAS (SMU) - Researchers at SMU's Center for Drug Discovery, Design and Delivery (CD4) have succeeded in lab testing the use of chemotherapy with a specific protein inhibitor so that the chemotherapeutic medication is better absorbed by drug-resistant cancer cells without harming [...]

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The Dallas Morning News: HMS, Australia team up to solve a global health challenge

DALLAS (SMU) – Southern Methodist University (SMU) has teamed up with Texas-based HMS, the Digital Health CRC (Cooperative Research Centre) and Stanford University to tackle some of the world's most significant health challenges using 'big data.' Dallas Morning News' business reporter Melissa Repko covered the news on the collaboration, which was announced on Tuesday. There are [...]

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Is blinded review enough? How gendered outcomes arise even under anonymous evaluation, SMU study shows

DALLAS (SMU) – Even when a scientist's gender wasn't revealed, female scientists got a lower score than males for grant proposals they submitted for review, according to a working paper led by Southern Methodist University professor Julian Kolev. The study found that female scientists were more likely to use narrower, more topic-specific language than male applicants [...]

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