BBC: Clues to why leaves come in many sizes

Fossils & Ruins

LiveScience: Newfound dino looks like creepy love child of a turkey and ostrich

A new giant bird-like dinosaur discovered in China has been named for SMU paleontologist Louis L. Jacobs, Corythoraptor jacobsi, by the scientists who identified the new oviraptorid.

LiveScience: Tough Turtle — Dino-Killing Asteroid Spared Sea Creature

SMU paleontologist Timothy Scott Myers analyzed an ancient sea turtle whose ancestors may have survived an asteroid strike, the world's largest mass extinction event.

Radio New Zealand: New research sheds more light on ancient Pacific site

Radio New Zealand covered the research discovery of SMU archaeologist Mark D. McCoy. The new uranium series dating on the stone buildings of the ancient monumental city of Nan Madol suggests the ancient coral reef capital in the Pacific Ocean was the earliest among the islands to be ruled by a single chief, McCoy found.

D Magazine: The Trinity Project — More About Bones

Answers to these questions can be supplied in part because there’s a fossil record, thanks to the efforts of Winkler, Slaughter, and Ellis W. Shuler, the person for whom the museum is named. Journalist Laray Polk wrote about the Shuler Museum of Paleontology at SMU in the Roy M. Huffington Department of Earth Sciences as [...]

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