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SMU professor David J. Meltzer talks about the first people in the New World with MeatEater

DALLAS (SMU) – Imagine being one of the first Ice Age people in the New World and seeing a rattlesnake for the first time. Or encountering a plant you’d never seen before and wondering if it is a food source or something that could poison you.

Professor David J. Meltzer from SMU (Southern Methodist University) talks about that and much more on a podcast with MeatEater’s host Steven Rinella.

The podcast can be listened to here.

Meltzer is an anthropologist at SMU’s Dedman College of Humanities & Sciences, and he has done extensive research on the first peoples who settled in the New World. For instance, he was just part of a groundbreaking study, which found a previously unknown group of people who lived there during the last Ice Age.


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