SMU cultural anthropologist Caroline B. Brettell is quoted in the March 6, 2011 issue of the Dallas Morning News in the section “From the Front Page,” an in-depth look at the news.

The article by reporters Michael E. Young and Ryan McNeill, “Texas interstates driving economy, growth” discusses a geographic analysis of the state’s population by the Dallas Morning News and how the major interstates are driving change and urbanization.

Brettell, a professor in the SMU Department of Anthropology, comments on the new model of urbanism with multiple centers.

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By Michael E. Young and Ryan McNeill
Dallas Morning News

… Caroline Brettell, a professor of anthropology at Southern Methodist University, said the cities came first, but the interstates helped them to grow.

Now it’s all about the nodes at the ends of those highways,” she said. “That’s where the jobs are.”

Looking across the Dallas area, she pointed out places like State Highway 114 in Irving, the corporate offices edging the Dallas North Tollway in Collin County, and the growth in upscale suburbs like Southlake.

“We’re seeing these polycentric metropolitan areas now — the new model of urbanism with multiple centers,” Brettell said. “So cities look very different. For Dallas, this is something that has happened over the last 30 years. And it’s a problem for urban cores, because the dynamism has moved out and around the city center.”

It’s the highways, she said, that link everything together.

Full story available to DMN subscribers.