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About Project FOCUS

Who We Are

Project FOCUS is a comprehensive study of key factors associated with reading outcomes for students receiving Tier 3, dyslexia services and/or special education reading interventions. Participating schools represent a variety of RTI models, geographic and socioeconomic locations to incorporate a range of school risk. To read more about what we do, click here.

Our Purpose

To gain a big and broad picture of what RTI implementation looks like across the U.S. and learn which factors are associated with stronger reading outcomes for students in Tier 3 or special education with dyslexia and other reading disabilities.

Our Goal

To develop a rich database that will help in the design of feasible and promising interventions for students, professional development for teachers, and school system supports that can improve implementation of Tier 3, dyslexia services and special education.  The results of this study will help schools “FOCUS” on implementing a key set of malleable factors.

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