Scientific Skill Development

This snapshot shows how English learners were involved in categorizing objects based on sizes.

Analyzing & interpreting data in a science lesson

Challenging ELs to think of additional ways to record and display data, after teaching them how to use tally to record data.

Using a graphic organizer & making observations, predictions, and comparisons in a science lesson.

This snapshot shows how a teacher  illustrated a scientific skill of data collection by providing an example to English learners.

Conducting a survey & recording data

Making hypotheses in a science lesson

Observing objects & recording data based on the object properties.

Using magnifying glasses to observe & recording data.

Providing instructional steps for a science experiment

Incorporating language into instructional steps

Embedding intentional language use into an experiment

Identifying ingredients during an experiment

Guiding EL Observations & Recording Data based on Categories

Observing & Recording Data & Describing

Observing &Recording Data

Encouraging Inquiry Stance about Sound & Doing Hands on

Reading Instructions on Sound Experiments

Pausing video to make predictions

Framing an investigation & empowering students to lead

Empowering students to follow steps of a scientific investigation

Explicit instruction on how to use an eye dropper

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