Pony Express(ions) Submission Guidelines for 2ND Issue of Pony Express(ions)

1.  Pony Express(ions) accepts submissions ONLY from Southern Methodist University’s current MLS students or MLS alumnae.

2.  All submissions must be original work.

3.  Submission from each writer/artist should include name, contact numbers, and title(s) of submitted work on a page separate from the submitted work(s).  For writers, the MS itself should have no identification markers, only title and content.

4.  All submissions must be in Word Document format, 12 pt. type, Times Roman Font.

5.  We will accept submissions in the following writing categories:

*Short Fiction (5,000 words or fewer, — only one short story, double-spaced  and paginated).

*Nonfiction (5,000 words or fewer) –only one story/essay, double-spaced and paginated).

*Poetry – (Any form) —five or fewer poems may be submitted, no length requirements.

*Stage Play – (20 pages or fewer, with professional formatting)

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable.  If selected for publication, all rights return to the author.

  1. We will, additionally, accept submissions of artwork from current MLS students and MLS alumnae.

*Five or fewer jpeg art pieces may be submitted for consideration as graphic artwork for Pony Express(ions).

Submit only as attachments to contact information page.

Send to:


Digital Art:
As we look for submission(s) from each of our MLS readers, we trust their work will not see the world, the characters, the experiences from a perspective of black or white.  Our world is not black or white, either/or.  It is both/and.  This painting is entitled “He Sees Only Black and White,” representative of a world view held by too many.