Stage Play

MY TIDY LIST OF TERRORS, Jonathan Norton, Pony Express(ions) Staff Contributor

My Tidy List of Terrors is set in Atlanta Georgia, 1980. The city is caught in the middle of the two-year long Atlanta Child Murders tragedy. Vara Johnson, a resident of Bowen Homes Housing Projects, believes she found a refuge for her twelve year old son Ishmael. She takes a job as a live-in maid and cook for a wealthy family in Collier Heights, the first African American suburb in the nation. But their welcome is jeopardized when Ishmael reveals more about himself than he should. Suspicion grows and questions arise, and Vara finds herself even more fearful. Not only for Ishmael’s safety, but of the people next door, across the street, down the road…. and in the next room.

The attachment reflects the last two few minutes of Act One, when Vara’s past and her employer’s patience begins to unravel.

Digital Art:
One of so many “takes” on “Theatre Masks and representative of both diverse tragedies and comedies, ancient and modern.