Amanda Barbour


Amanda serves as Advancement Associate for SMU Perkins School of Theology. Prior to joining the staff at Perkins in October of 2007, Amanda served as the Administrative Assistant for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Fort Worth, TX.  Amanda received a B.A.S. degree from Dallas Baptist University in 2005, and is currently a graduate student in the Masters of Liberal Studies Program at Southern Methodist University. Amanda participated in the Civil Rights Pilgrimage in 2008, where she was affectionately known as the “poet laureate” of her class. She continues to write with the hopes of publishing a collection in that great someday. Amanda Barbour won second place in the 2011 TACWT writing competition, graduate poetry division.

When not reading or writing, Amanda can be found cheering on the Pittsburgh Steelers or volunteering for animal rescue organizations. Amanda lives in Dallas with her dog, Libby.