News Perspective Online Summer 2020

Student News

Masking with Love

Masks have sparked much political debate, but Amber Benson, an M.T.S. student and faculty member at SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts, sees a theological issue to consider. In a blog post, she compares mask-wearing to the Christian tradition of the kiss of peace. “It is an act of Christian solidarity that signals to the culture at large that there is value in every human created in the image of God,” she writes. “It declares to everyone who sees it that their life has immeasurable worth. That there is no self-interest that can usurp their wellbeing.”


New Book by Wallace Wyatt III

Wallace Wyatt III has announced that his new book, He’s Worth the Weight, is now available. In his autobiographic book, he writes, “Even after all the anger and demonization one may experience from [feelings of] lack, isolation and infiltration, fear and failure, and enslavement, God is worth enduring the weight of the journey. For more information or to order, visit