June 2020 News

Staff News

Retirees We’ll Miss

Sally Hoover retired as Interlibrary Loan and Reserves Assistant effective June 1 after 22 years of service in Perkins’ Bridwell Library. She managed the organization of Course Reserve materials and was responsible for lending and borrowing books and articles through interlibrary loan. Hoover was recognized at the May 14 online End of Year Gathering, where Anthony Elia, Director of Bridwell Library, offered words of praise.   

Born and raised in Kansas, Hoover came to Perkins at the suggestion of Dr. Ken Hart, then the M.S.M. director at Perkins, having studied organ with him in Kansas. While a student studying for her M.S.M. degree, she began working at Bridwell in the circulation department. She finished the degree in 2000 and continued to work for Bridwell.  Later, she completed an M.T.S. in 2001. Hoover looks forward to continuing her work with Straydog, a no-kill rescue and shelter for lost dogs, in retirement.  

“Sally has been an integral part of this community and shared her talents and knowhow as a musician, staff member, and person committed to the welfare of animals,” said Anthony Elia, Director of the Bridwell Library.  We wish her all the best in her retirement.”


Friends We’ll Miss  

Linda Hervey, who retired as Perkins’ Financial Officer in 2016, died on Monday, May 18, in Dallas, following a long illness. Hervey transitioned from the corporate world and served for 23 years under three deans: Jim Kirby, Robin Lovin and Bill Lawrence. She is credited with steering Perkins through the challenges following the 2008 stock market crash and recession. “Linda’s steady financial hand enabled the school to maintain its faculty and staff, and to continue virtually uninterrupted,” according to Dean Craig Hill. “Her contributions to Perkins as Financial Officer cannot be measured and will never be paralleled.” Hervey’s daughters, Kian and Kiara, were toddlers when she joined Perkins; both young women graduated from SMU and were at her side at her death. Read her obituary here.