Laura Figura has been on the run this fall, and not just by way of her job as Coordinator of Student Life at Perkins. Figura took up running for the first time ever in the early fall of 2019. Already, she has completed three 5K races.

“I was inspired by my husband, who trained and ran his first marathon last December,” she said. “I watched how running made a huge positive difference in his life. Last summer, he urged me to join the Dallas Running Club, which has a beginners’ level program, and I committed to running three times a week with the group. It’s a very slow pace.”

Figura plans to continue running, and even accepted a new challenge. This spring, she’ll serve as a pace leader for the Dallas Running Club’s next group of beginning runners.

She adds that she was also motivated by something she’d read in a book.

“The book said that if you want to change the world, start with yourself and work outward,” she said. “If you examine your own life, you’ll realize there will always be enough for you to work on each day on a personal level to keep you busy for an entire lifetime!”