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Staff News: Duane Harbin

Duane Harbin, Assistant Dean for Technology, Planning & Compliance at Perkins, was recently recognized for the 25th anniversary of his service to the university at a Staff Celebration and Convocation, streamed online from the Bush Institute on October 20.

In addition, Perkins’s Office of Student Life and Community Engagement hosted an outside luncheon for the staff and faculty of Kirby Hall on October 9. Dean Craig Hill surprised Harbin with an announcement about his 25th anniversary recognition and a SMU pony statuette commemorating his service (along with a box of Tiff’s Treats cookies!)

A 1981 graduate of Yale Divinity School, Harbin joined SMU in 1995 as Associate Director of Bridwell Library and was appointed Assistant Dean for Information Technology and Institutional Research for Perkins in 2001.  He assumed his current position in 2015.

“The time has passed quickly,” Harbin said. “Both the university and Perkins sought to move in positive directions in the process of responding to unrelenting change – in technology, in society, and in the church.  Many things are very different from when I arrived in 1995, but the core commitment of Perkins to provide excellence in education and research as ‘An Academy for the Whole Church and for the World’ continues.”