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Office of Enrollment Management: November Update

The Rev. Dr. Margot Perez-Greene, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Enrollment Management

Greetings from the staff of the Office of Enrollment Management (OEM)!

First, some good news. Perkins is experiencing the highest enrollment in the last 15 years!

That’s despite the many challenges facing graduate theological education across the nation. All of our colleagues involved in recruitment and admission are feeling the strain, and only a few theological institutions saw an increase of new students this fall. Our enrollment reflects the hard work of the OEM and involvement of the entire Perkins community in our recruiting efforts.

However, it’s time to start thinking about next year. Many of our alumni/ae, students and other members of the Perkins community have asked, “How can I help?”

The answer is, “Send us prospective students!”

Caleb Palmer

As we strategize to recruit students to Perkins for fall 2021 and beyond, we are heeding your request to be involved in recruitment efforts, and we thank you for your desire to invest in the work of inviting those with whom you are connected. We find that you are in contact with individuals who desire to take the deep dive into theological education for personal enhancement; with those who wish to expand their theological reflection and conversation in an ecumenical community; and with those who are called to vocational ministry inside and outside of the church. Now more than ever, the church is seeking leaders who will be ready to lead with calm assurance and confidence through the waves of ever-increasing change. With these factors in mind, for the foreseeable future we have developed virtual events, honed our communications, and deployed new modes of contact to ensure that we are intentionally responsive to those you send our way.

Samantha Stewart

Recent data show that nearly 38% of this fall’s new students were invited to apply to Perkins by Perkins alumni/ae. (In the application process, students are asked the reason they applied to Perkins.) That is a significant number, and we thank you.

On January 29th, OEM is hosting a drawing for 12 fortunate winners! Nine will receive an SMU Perkins t-shirt (gray photo) and three will receive an SMU Perkins polo shirt. (blue photo).

How do you enter? If you know individuals who are considering seminary, rather than referring them to the website or passing along an email, share this form with them: click here.

If your candidate completes the form and lists your name and email as the person who referred them to Perkins, you will be entered into the raffle. It’s that simple!

Prize winners will be announced on January 29, 2021 — so you have plenty of time to share the link and get your name entered. There is no limit to the number of referrals you may provide.

Again, we are grateful for your support and for all the work you do for Perkins, the church, the community, and in your own places of business and families.


The Rev. Dr. Margot Perez-Greene, Associate Dean of Enrollment Management
Caleb Palmer, Ministry Discernment Associate
Samantha Stewart, Ministry Discernment Associate


“Growing up, all the pastors, youth ministers, and church leaders I
knew were graduates of SMU Perkins. I knew the school’s reputation and quality before I even inquired and that made all the difference for me.”
-First Year Perkins Student