January 2019 News Perspective Online

Office of Development: Perkins Scholars

This fall, Perkins welcomed a second cohort of Perkins Scholars.  The Perkins Scholar designation is given to students who have distinguished themselves in their previous studies.  Ten Master of Divinity (M.Div.) students from each entering class make up each year’s cohort. Each Perkins Scholar receives a scholarship totaling $21,000, spread over three years, in addition to any other scholarship awards.

In the spring of 2017, the Perkins Executive Board took up the challenge to put this project in motion.  Members of the Executive Board, an advisory board to the Dean, care deeply about Perkins School of Theology and the student body. A goal of 10 Perkins Scholars a year was created. Several members have pledged more than one scholarship!

Members of the first cohort of Perkins Scholars (pictured) completed their initial year of M.Div. studies, and are currently enrolled for the second year.  The second cohort of Perkins Scholars began M.Div. studies this fall, and have acclimated to life at Perkins.  The students in the second cohort of Perkins Scholars are Paul Bussert, Jessica Hallett, Steven James, Shayla Jordan, Shandon Klein, Adam Lubbers, Margo Moore, Kelly Rose, Matthew Schroeder and Vicki Wood.

Perkins is now raising funds for the third cohort of Perkins Scholars who will be chosen to enter M.Div. studies in the fall of 2019. At that time, there will be 30 Perkins Scholars in Dallas and Houston combined, ten in each class. Collectively, they will receive a total of $630,000 in Perkins Scholar awards by graduation!

Welcome to this outstanding group of M.Div. students. A special thanks to the generous donors who have contributed to this scholarship program! If you or your church would like to participate in the Perkins Scholar program please let me know.

With a thankful heart,

John A. Martin
Director of Development
Perkins School of Theology


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