February 2023 News Perspective Online

Office of Enrollment Management Update: February 2023

Welcome New Students!

We are pleased to welcome 15 new students to the Perkins Dallas and Houston-Galveston programs this spring. Students represent the following UMC conferences: Texas, North Texas, Oklahoma, and Peninsula-Delaware. Still others have connections to the Baptist, Pentecostal, and non-denominational religious communities.Our students tell us that a number of reasons led them to Perkins. The academic rigor, pastoral focus, and diversity of thought continue to attract students to study with us. Additionally, one student expressed her desire to find out what she really believed about God in light of what others had taught her growing up. Other students are coming to Perkins as a second career, leaning into a desire and call they have sensed for many years. Some already serve in teaching roles at their churches, and with some changed work and living circumstances, the time is right to dive into theological education to see how they can be of greater service to the church and the world.Please continue to send prospective students our way. You can send them directly to one of our Ministry Discernment Associates: Caleb Palmer ( or Emilie Williams (


Stephen Bagby
Director of Admission Operations