February 2022 News Perspective Online

Office of Enrollment Management: February Update

Welcome New Students!

We are pleased to welcome 20 new students to the Perkins Dallas and Houston-Galveston programs this spring. Students represent the following UMC conferences: Texas, Central Texas, Kansas, North Texas, Great Plains, Rio Texas, and Mississippi. Still others have connections to the Christian Methodist Episcopal, Evangelical, Baptist, and non-denomination religious communities.

New Students at Houston-Galveston Spring Orientation

For many, the Perkins culture attracted these students to Perkins. They tell us they were drawn by the diverse representation of theological thought and perspective, hospitable embrace of voices across denominations, openness to different viewpoints and perspectives, opportunity to build relationships beyond one’s own cultural background, and strong message from Dean Craig Hill about servant leadership and his vision for the Perkins community. Forthcoming videos and testimonials by our new students and dean will be helpful in emphasizing our distinctiveness during our second phase of recruitment for fall 2022.

New Students at Dallas Spring Orientation

Please continue to send prospects our way. You may send them directly to Caleb Palmer, Associate Director, Ministry Discernment and Communications,