June 2022 News Perspective Online

Perkins Students Join Iftar Celebration in Houston

In April, 29 students in Dr. Robert Hunt’s Interfaith Studies (HR 6302) class at Perkins joined a group of Muslim members of the Institute of Interfaith Dialogue and Raindrop Turkish House Mosque in Houston for two hours of guided dialogue and an Iftar dinner. Iftar is the traditional meal with which Muslims break their fast at the end of the day during Ramadan.

After touring the dialogue center and its mosque, and learning about the work of both, Perkins students and members of the mosque sat down in groups of seven to 10 and shared their personal stories of faith as well as stories of their respective religious communities. The dinner following included traditional food for breaking the fast, such as dates, as well as Turkish dishes typical for families in the mosque.

Dr. Hunt, who is Director of Global Theological Education, led the group for Perkins. He has a long association with the Institute of Interfaith Dialogue and Raindrop Turkish House, having edited Muslim Citizens in a Global World, a book by Yüksul A. Aslandogan, vice president of academic programs at the institute.