Ted Campbell Op-Ed

Ted Campbell

An op-ed by Dr. Ted A. Campbell, Professor of Church History, recently appeared in The Dallas Morning News, entitled, “Who will deliver America from the cycle of verbal violence?”

Campbell argued that religious traditions recognize verbal violence and form believers in practices of discipline to help avoid it. “Religions teach us in the first place to fill our souls and our mouths with good things,” he wrote. “Words have power. They have power to harm, and they also have power to heal.” Campbell also shared Methodist founder John Wesley’s teachings about speaking evil of an absent person. “You can say what you need to say about a person: to their face,” he wrote. “But not in any case when they can’t answer for themselves.” Read the op-ed here.

Lecture on Women Evangelists

Priscilla Pope-Levison

Dr. Priscilla Pope-Levison, Professor of Ministerial Studies at Perkins, recently delivered a Zoom lecture on “Turn the Pulpit Loose: Two Centuries of American Women Evangelists.” The lecture covered the ministries of 18 women evangelists active over a period of 200 years of North American life. “These are stunningly fascinating women, who have captivated me for over 25 years,” she said. “Most of them have been largely forgotten, and the recovery of their stories required years of archival research and travel, from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia across the continent to Seattle and down to Los Angeles.”  The Jakes Divinity School All-School Lecture took place on February 22 and covered a range of Christian traditions, from Roman Catholicism to African American Pentecostalism.

New Book of Poetry

Harold Recinos

Wipf and Stock has published a new book of poetry, Wading in the River, by Harold J. Recinos, Professor of Church and Society.  “Since grade school, I have tried to write between the lines and with a Spanglish vision for life,” Recinos said. “I hope the words in this work will stir others’ world.”