New Bible Study

Jaime Clark-Soles’ upcoming book, “1 Corinthians: Searching the Depths of God,” was recently featured in a round-up of recommended “New Bible studies for a new year” offered by the United Methodist Publishing House. Clark-Soles’ book “delves into the breathtaking world of the first-century church as Paul addresses a community dealing with a myriad of challenges not unlike the church today.” The six-week study, which includes a leader guide and DVD, will be released by Abingdon House on March 2.

What Would Jesus Say?

When rioters stormed the U.S. Senate chamber during the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, some gathered to offer prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Was their invocation of Jesus’ name enough to ensure that he was on their side? Did their flags that bore the name of Jesus make the insurrectionists his disciples? The Rev. William B. Lawrence, Perkins Dean Emeritus, ponders these questions in this editorial for United Methodist News.


Wes Allen Keynotes Preaching Program

Preachers are “preaching virtually in a virtual apocalypse,” according to the Rev. Dr. O. Wesley Allen, Jr., professor of homiletics at Perkins. Allen was delivering the keynote address at the Episcopal Preaching Foundation’s “Preaching in the era of COVID: Hitting the ground running,” a Zoom version of its annual Preaching Excellence Program II for practicing parish clergy. The Jan. 11-15 conference aimed to help preachers effectively connect with congregation members living in varying levels of isolation. “Preachers are also preaching to a congregation whose individuals are experiencing varying degrees of isolation,” Allen added, urging participants to fit their preaching both to people’s isolation and their online attention spans, telling them to be simple without being simplistic in their message. Read the Episcopal News Service story here.