January 2020 News

Faculty Update

Robert Hunt on Jesus’ Birthdate

As part of his ongoing Verify series, WFAA-TV reporter David Schechter explored the question, “Was Jesus born on Dec. 25?” For help, he turned to Perkins faculty member Robert Hunt.  Schechter noted lingering speculation that Jesus’ birth date was arranged to coincide with a pagan Roman holiday. See the report and interview with Robert Hunt here.


Ted Campbell Video

Ted A. Campbell’s film, Five Waves Over Dallas (Cinco Olas sobre Dallas) is now available online for viewing. The 47-minute documentary tells of the overlapping migrations that shaped the Dallas area over the past 250 years—from the earliest native-American tribes to today’s global diversity. Campbell, Professor of Church History at Perkins, created the production.  View “Five Waves Over Dallas” on Youtube. A higher-resolution version of the video (a file of almost 6 gigabytes) may be downloaded from Campbell’s Dropbox here.  The Spanish version, “Cinco Olas Sobre Dallas” is also available on YouTube and in high resolution in Dropbox.  In addition, Campbell has created a Facebook page with update about developments regarding this video.