News Perspective Online September 2021

Office of Development Update: September 2021

Students have finally arrived back on campus for the 2021-22 school year.  New students are getting acclimated, returning students are renewing friendships, and all are gearing up for a challenging and enriching semester of learning.

As we encounter a continually changing world, we want to attract and train the “best and the brightest” as leaders, because the Church and the world need those people to be prepared and unleashed into ministry.

Dean Hill has repeatedly stated that Perkins’ biggest need is scholarship money to attract and retain these outstanding students.  Our faculty and staff are first-class, Bridwell Library is extraordinary, and our facilities in Houston and Dallas are beautiful and functional.  We want to make all of those things available and affordable for students.

One member of our admissions team noted:

Financial assistance is the largest deciding factor for a prospective student. I would further emphasize that it is our top tier recruits who appear the most concerned about financial aid.  Our strongest prospects are looking at offers from many schools and are primarily focused on ensuring that their education will be funded.

As the public phase of the Capital Campaign begins this fall, you will hear again and again that our top priority is student aid.

The Dean will soon be sending a letter asking all alumni/ae and friends of Perkins to join in the effort to raise the level of student aid.  We have had some encouraging gifts over the last several years.  Student aid endowments and annual commitments have been growing.  But, as our pool of funds has grown, so has the need.  The pandemic in particular has hindered many students’ earning ability.

You don’t have to wait for that appeal to hit your mailbox.  You can go online right now to join in the effort by adding your gift to this endeavor.

Or, if you would like to talk about what part you can play, email me ( and I will be glad to visit by phone or in person.

Gifted students need your support.  Please help to send them out to minister in our broken world equipped with a deep theological education from Perkins.

With thanks in advance,

John A Martin
Director of Development