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Art of Resilience

Two-day event celebrated sustaining forces  in the Latinx community

More than 200 theologians, artists, musicians, scholars and community members gathered for a two-day conference, “The Art of Resilience – Latinx Public Witness in Troubled Times” in September. The sold-out event took place at Perkins School of Theology and Meadows School of the Arts on the campus of SMU. Participants enjoyed an opportunity to interact with outstanding Latinx scholars, local artists and religious and community leaders to reflect deeply on race, gender and immigration as matters of moral and faith concerns, according to Isabel Docampo, director of The Center for the Study of Latino/a Christianity and Religions at Perkins, which presented the program.

The program included an art exhibit hosted by Meadows School of the Arts, a performance by New York Latina playwright Jessica Carmona of her original work, “Elvira: The Immigration Play,” and special music performed by Ars lubilorum, a Latin-American collective of composers, including Marcell Silva Steuernagel, director of Perkins’ Master of Sacred Music program. Speakers included Dr. Fernando Segovia, Oberlin Graduate Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at Vanderbilt Divinity School; Dr. Daisy Machado, Professor of Church History at Union Theological Seminary in New York City; and Dr. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, James B. Duke Professor of Sociology at Duke University. The event concluded with a worship celebration, with Bishop Minerva Carcaño preaching.                    

Perspective Magazine Perspective Magazine Summer 2020

Fall Convocation

Rick Steves headlined global-themed gathering at Perkins

This year’s Fall Convocation offered a truly international experience.  Attendees heard key speakers from three different continents, including travel writer Rick Steves, as well as praise music in 17 different languages and human stories of hope and struggle from around the world. 

Some 150 people attended the convocation, titled “Mission Quest: Finding Your Place in God’s World,” in November at Highland Park United Methodist Church and the campus of SMU. Sharing the stage with Steves were the Rev. Dr. Samira Izadi Page, a native of Iran who leads a ministry to refugees in Dallas, and the Rev. Dr. Célestin Musekura, a Rwandan and founder of African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM). 

“I felt like the globe came to Perkins,” said Priscilla Pope-Levison, Associate Dean for External Affairs and coordinator of the event.  “It all came together in the best possible way.”

Perspective Magazine Perspective Magazine Summer 2020

“Hong Kong Protests: A Messianic Movement?”

Panel discussion examined 2019 Hong Kong student protests

In one of the first of programs of its kind in the U.S. on the Hong Kong student protests, the October 22, 2019 program featured keynote speaker Dr. Lap Yan Kung, professor of Theology, The Divinity School, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

A panel discussion followed, examining the religious and secular issues underlying the protests and the implications for religious communities in Hong Kong and around the world.  Dr. Sze-kar Wan, Professor of New Testament at Perkins, moderated the panel and organized the event.

The program was sponsored by SMU Perkins School of Theology, the Tower Center’s Sun & Star Program on Japan and East Asia,  and SMU’s Center for Faith and Learning and the Embrey Human Rights Program.

Perspective Magazine Perspective Magazine Summer 2020

Friends We Will Miss

We remember all those who have gone before us this past year and pray they dwell forever with the Lord.

The Rev. Thomas B. Adams (M.Th. ‘58)

Dr. Earl E. Allen (M.Th. ‘63)

Dr. John F. Allen, Sr. (M.Th. ‘54, D.Min. ‘89)

The Rev. Dr. Donald R. Benton (D.Min.’74)

The Rev. Cecil C. Bliss (M.Th. ‘59)

The Rev. Edward C. Blythe, Jr. (M.Th. ‘60)

The Rev. William B. Boyett (M.Th. ‘72)

The Rev. Leighanne Brechin (M.Div. ‘95)

The Rev. Frederick S. Bunyan (M.S.M. ‘72)

Mr. Charles A. Camp (M.Th. ‘62)

The Rev. James W. Campbell (M.Th. ‘52)

The Rev. Tony G. Campbell (M.Th. ‘63)

Dr. William R. Chace (M.Th. ‘73)

The Rev. Glenn A. Chambers (M.Th. ‘59)

Mr. Richard L. Clemans (M.Th. ‘52)

The Rev. Braxton L. Combs (M.Th. ‘56)

Dr. Bob Darrell (M.Th. ‘59)

The Rev. Dr. Francoise Olive Davis (M.Div. ‘91)

The Rev. Paul D. Davis (M.Th. ‘55, M.A. ‘56)

The Rev. Dr. Kenneth M. Dickson (M.Th. ‘58, D.Min. ‘75)

Mrs. Linda H. Fields (M.R.E. ‘58)

The Rev. Martha Frances (M.Div. ‘99)

Mr. Byron E. Franklin, Jr. (M.S.M. ‘67)

Dr. Guy D. Garrett (M.Th. ‘59)

Mr. George P. Germany (M.Th. ‘53)

Mr. Wilton J. Goodwin (M.Th. ‘54)

The Rev. Kenneth B. Green (M.Div. ‘97)

Patrick E. Green, Ph.D. (M.Th. ‘61)

The Rev. Leon Grissom (M.Th. ‘62)

Mr. Justin P. Harder (M.Th. ‘58)

The Rev. James W. Hardwick (M.Th. ‘64)

The Rev. Glenneth A. Harrington (M.Th. ‘57)

The Rev. Dr. Harry A. Harrington, Jr. (M.Th. ‘65)

Mr. Frederick M. Holt, Jr. (M.Th. ‘58)

Mansfield E. Hunt, Chaplain (M.Th. ‘55)

The Rev. Charles D. Hutchins (B.A. ‘50)

Mr. Philip H. Jackman (M.Th. ‘67)

The Rev. John C. Johnson (M.Th. ‘50)

Mr. Travis E. Jordan (M.Th. ‘56, M.Div. ‘70)

The Rev. Clarence W. Kidd (M.Th. ’80)

The Rev. T. Irving King, Jr. (M.Th. ‘55)

Mrs. Patty B. Kirby (M.R.E. ‘56)

The Rev. Robert E. Langley (M.Th.’59)

Mrs. Dena Lewis (M.R.E. ‘65)

Dr. Timothy D. Maxwell (M.T.S. ‘83)

Dr. John M. Miller (Ph.D. ‘76)

Dr. James W. Moore
(Former Perkins Executive Board Member)

Dr. Russell R. Moore (D.Min. 95)

The Rev. Ron R. Morris (M.Th. ‘60)

The Rev. Donald D. Murphy (M.Th. ‘63)

The Rev. Priscilla Wood Neaves (Th.M. ‘85)

The Rev. M. Christy Oetting (M.Th. ‘59)

Dr. Darrell P. Patton (M.Th. ‘56)

The Rev. Earl A. Perry (M.Th. ‘46)

Dr. James E. Pledger (Master of Sacred Theology ‘77)

Dr. Larry G. Pleimann (M.Th. ‘61)

Mr. Milton C. Propp (M.Th. ‘56)

The Rev. C. V. Pruitt (M.Th. ‘73)

The Rev. George C. Purvis, Jr. (M.Th. ‘67)

Mrs. Ruth E. Riley (M.R.E. ‘53)

The Rev. Charles D. Saviers (M.Th. ‘59)

The Rev. Robert E. Scoggin, Sr. (M.Th. ‘54)

Dr. J. W. Sellers (M.Th. ‘60)

The Rev. Robert R. Sewell (M.Th. ‘64)

The Rev. Edwin T. Silliman (M.Div. ‘60)

Mr. Jack S. Singleton (M.Th. ‘66)

Dr. George M. Small (M.Th. ‘52)

The Rev. Dr. Bart Smith, Jr. (M.Th. ‘65, D.Min. ‘91)

Mr. Kermit W. Smith (M.Th. ‘56)

Rev. Vernon Snider (M.Th. ’53)

The Rev. Dr. Lycurgus M. Starkey (M.Th. ‘51)

Mr. David E. Stephens (M.Th. ‘63)

The Rev. Christy L. Summers (M.Div. ‘95)

The Rev. Karl L. Swain (M.Th. ‘53)

Ms. Billie J. Tate (M.Div. ‘94)

The Rev. Roger H. Templeton (M.Div. ‘93)

Mr. Thomas W. Tiehel (M.S.M. ‘89)

Mr. Abel Vega (M.Th. ‘69)

The Rev. Dr. R. F. Wicker, Jr. (M.Th. ‘55)

The Rev. Buist B. Wilson (M.Th. ‘54)

Mr. Weldon E. Wink (M.Th. ‘63

Dr. Richard E. Worringham (M.Th. ‘73)

Perspective Magazine Perspective Magazine Summer 2020

New Faces at Perkins

Emma Flores is the administrative assistant in “Reboot: The Congregation as Youth Worker,” a new initiative of Perkins School of Theology designed to equip entire congregations to serve in ministry with youth.

Leslie Fuller is Bridwell Library’s new reference and digital services librarian. She joined the staff in February 2020.

Ángel J. Gallardo joined the Perkins faculty and staff as associate director of the Intern Program in 2019. He graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy from the Graduate Program in Religious Studies at SMU in 2018. In addition to serving as a teaching assistant at Perkins, he has taught several classes in the Regional Course of Study School.

Heather Gottas is the external programs coordinator and registrar for the Perkins Office of External Programs assisting Priscilla Pope-Levison, director.

Melissa Hernandez Probus is the assistant director of the Course of Study School and the Hispanic-Latin@ Ministries Program, which recruits and trains church leaders to minister effectively to Spanish-speaking and bilingual worshipers.

Lee Henry joined the Perkins staff in 2019 as the advancement associate in the Office of Development. He assists John Martin, director.

Rachel Holmes is assistant to Connie Nelson, executive director of public affairs and alumni/ae relations. She joined the Perkins staff in May 2019.

Samantha Stewart is a ministry discernment associate for the Office of Enrollment Management.

Emma Flores

Leslie Fuller

Ángel J. Gallardo

Heather Gottas

Melissa Hernandez Probus




A Retiree We’ll Miss

Sandy Oswalt, financial aid coordinator in the Perkins Office of Enrollment Management since 2017. Throughout her tenure at Perkins, Sandy worked with students to successfully obtain the financial means to fund their education through various merit scholarships, grants and loans.