January 2021 News Perspective Online

Faculty Updates: January 2021

A Boundless God Honored

Jack Levison’s book A Boundless God has won the “Award of Merit” in the Biblical Studies category for Christianity Today’s 2021 Book Awards. In recognizing the book, reviewer Peter Gosnell, professor of religion at Muskingum University, writes: “Who knew that a word study could read like an adventure story—welcome to the world of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament. As Jack Levison guides us through the various uses of the word in the Hebrew Scriptures, he offers insight into the refreshment, the surprise, the danger, and the boundlessness of the Spirit of God.” Read the review here.

In December, Baptist News Global published an Advent reflection series by Jack Levison every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the season. The reflections were excerpted from another Levison book, An Unconventional God (Baker Publishing, 2020.) Read the first reflection here.

Levison is W.J.A. Power Professor of Old Testament Interpretation and Biblical Hebrew at Perkins.

Op-Ed on COVID Vaccine 

Who should get the next round of COVID-19 vaccines? Dallas Gingles weighed in with a philosophical viewpoint in an op-ed published in The Dallas Morning News on December 27.  “With the Emergency Use Authorization of COVID-19 vaccines… society faces new challenges related to prioritizing distribution of the vaccine,” he wrote. “We can think carefully about these issues by asking a few basic moral questions about them.” Gingles is associate director of Perkins’s Houston-Galveston Extension Program. Read the op-ed here.

Models of Evangelism

Christianity Today blogger Scot McKnight has included Priscilla Pope-Levison’s book Models of Evangelism as one of five picks in his 2020 Jesus Creed Books of the Year list.

“Pope-Levison, who has taught evangelism for decades, describes and evaluates the 8 most common models of evangelism,” McKnight wrote. “Because the book is so fair-minded, it will be useful for one and all.” Read the blog post here.