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Rev. Dr. Alyce McKenzie and Sister Helen Prejean

Put two women with shared passions for faith and justice in a Zoom room, and you get a fascinating conversation.  That’s what happened when the Rev. Dr. Alyce McKenzie spoke with Sister Helen Prejean on October 27, as part of the bigBANG! 2020 conference. With the theme “Equity in Religion,” the freewheeling discussion ranged from justice in the Christian tradition to the importance of passion in activism and the need to tell compelling, human stories to change hearts and [...]

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Healthcare Chaplaincy

Providing spiritual care to those who are sick or hospitalized demands a variety of specialized skills, especially given today’s multicultural environment. To prepare students who feel called in this area, Perkins School of Theology will offer Master of Divinity students the opportunity to concentrate in Healthcare Chaplaincy, beginning next semester. “This is a unique opportunity for students to study theology and learn from seasoned chaplains and hospital administrators at the same time,” said Dr. Hugo Magallanes, director of Perkins’s [...]

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I Am Here

Members of the Perkins community who attended the September 30 online Chapel service got a special treat: the world premiere of a new anthem, composed by a Perkins Doctor of Pastoral Music (DPM) student and performed for the first time by the DPM students. The new anthem, "I Am Here," was composed by the Rev. Dirk Damonte, and pre-recorded and presented at the Chapel service. Damonte said he composed the song as a response to the “twin pandemics” of [...]

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Advent Worship

Like many other annual events, the Perkins Advent Worship service will go virtual this year. Students and faculty in the Master of Sacred Music (M.S.M.) program are working to make the annual service as meaningful as possible and take advantage of the possibilities that the online format offers. And alumni of the program are invited to contribute, too. The service will weave a variety of voices into a liturgical tapestry that will be streamed on on December 3, [...]

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Labyrinth Walk

In these days of COVID-19, members of Perkins community have few opportunities to gather in person just for fellowship. One of the first took place on October 5, when students, faculty and staff were invited to walk the Ruben L.F. Habito Labyrinth together with its namesake, Ruben Habito, Professor of World Religions and Spirituality. The gathering was sponsored by the Office of Student Life and Community Engagement. About a dozen people participated, wearing face masks and keeping a distance [...]

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Student Spotlight: Victor Resendiz

Twenty years ago, Victor M. Resendiz visited the SMU campus in Dallas with a couple of friends after a soccer game. “Walking around, I made a mental note: this would be a great place for me, if I ever went to college,” he said. “But at the time, college was not an option.” Resendiz, 41, is originally from Mexico City.  In his early 20s, family expectations and finances were not aligned for him to attend college. He and his [...]

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Faculty Profile: Priscilla Pope-Levison

In many ways, the pandemic has made Priscilla Pope-Levison’s job more complicated – but she’s embracing the challenge while staying as productive as ever. As Associate Dean for External Programs, Pope-Levison coordinates events such as the upcoming Fall Convocation and the Summit for Faith and Learning, all of which have moved online in the past year. “I’m so proud of our team,” she said. “They are all creative people, and they’ve really had to pivot to make the online [...]

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AAR-SBL Annual Meetings

When the world's largest gathering of scholars interested in the study of religion gathers virtually November 29 – December 10, members of the Perkins and SMU communities will be well-represented.  The 2020 Annual Meetings, hosted by the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature, were originally scheduled to take place in Boston, but moved online due to COVID-19. Organizers say the virtual format will expand access for members without funding or resources to attend an in-person meeting, [...]

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Bolin Family Scholarship Evening

By John Martin, Perkins Director of Development We invite you to save the date for February 16, 2021. David Brooks of the New York Times will return to Perkins School of Theology with his thoughts from this momentous year and the Perkins community can join the virtual discussion! On February 16, 2021 at 7 p.m., the Bolin Family Scholarship Evening featuring David Brooks will take place. Brooks delivered a captivating speech at last year’s event and has agreed to [...]

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Interfaith Podcast – November 2020

Launched in early October, the second season of Robert Hunt’s Interfaith Encounters Podcast is well underway. This season’s focus is religious freedom, with interviews tackling topics such as restrictions on church ministries, exclusion of LGBTQ persons, attacks against synagogues and mosques, and the individual right to pray in school. “The interviewees have diverse approaches, but the common theme is, ‘What is religious freedom and how is it put into practice?’” said Hunt, who is Director of Global Theological Education [...]

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