News November 2020 Perspective Online

Anonymous Gift

An anonymous donor has made a gift of $500,000 to Perkins School of Theology, to be distributed at the Dean’s discretion for student scholarships.

“This very welcome gift is an invaluable investment in future church leaders, making their theological education affordable,” said Dean Craig Hill. “It is an encouragement to us all at Perkins and, especially, to those are considering the call to ministry.”

The funds will be distributed over the course of the next several years.

“I’m thrilled that this donor thinks highly enough of Perkins to donate such a large sum of money at this important time in the school’s history,” said Director of Development John Martin.  He added that, when Perkins awards a scholarship to an incoming student, it involves a three-year commitment to cover the cost over the course of the degree program.

“This generous donor is aware that some regular sources of funding are diminishing each year, at the very time that the need for unrestricted scholarship dollars is increasing,” Martin said. “As costs of tuition and fees go up, more burden is placed on students.”

The gift will also strengthen Perkins’s recruiting efforts. Dean Hill noted that theological education has changed radically in recent years, making scholarship money even more important.

“The schools that can offer the best aid packages are the ones that can attract the best and the brightest students,” he said.  This gift will help Perkins attract an increased number of worthy students.