Ask A Professor

Ask a Professor is a blog in which questions about ministry, theology, and especially preaching are submitted by readers and answered by Alyce McKenzie, Wes Allen, or a guest writer invited from the Perkins faculty or staff. If you would like to submit a question, please email

Meatball Exegesis! Preacher’s Question: Sunday seems to come every 2 and ½ days. What is a method of sermon preparation that is realistic in terms of time commitment but yields […]

Overcoming Inhibitions By O. Wesley Allen, Jr.   A student preacher writes, “I recently received feedback to ‘let the passion out’ when preaching. Based on this feedback, could you give […]

How to deal with performance anxiety? By Will Power Performance anxiety affects or has affected everyone, from novice spoken word artists to seasoned orators.  The feelings of apprehension and fear, […]

By Dr. Alyce McKenzie Whenever I lead a preaching workshop, during the Q and A, the question almost always comes up: Which is better, lectionary preaching or series preaching? My […]

How do I preach to people when I am struggling with my own faith? —Michael Hall, Christ Church There’s the old story that John Wesley was questioning his faith and […]

How does a preacher preach to a congregation that is theologically different from him/her?  — Submitted by Rev. Amanda Wagoner Meade, Jeffersonville, IN   The situation in which I would […]