Audit a Course

The PCPE encourages preachers to read homiletical works to continue growing as a preacher (see our blog, Must Reads). In addition, preachers benefit by returning to school to take classes. For those with the drive, time and resources, we recommend Perkins Doctor of Ministry program with a concentration in Preaching and Worship. For more information on the D.Min., click HERE.

For others, we recommend auditing a Perkins course in Preaching or Worship. When you audit a class, professors expect you to do the readings, attend class and participate in discussions, but you submit no work to be graded. Thus you get to focus on how the course content serves your ministry without worrying about evaluations or GPA.

Auditing courses can be expensive. The PCPE, therefore, provides a limited number of preachers the opportunity to audit a Preaching or Worship course each semester at the discounted cost of $200. This fee applies only to courses listed on this page. Those interested must contact both the Center at to request the discounted fee and the Perkins registrar, Joe Monroy, at to request admission into the course.


Introductory Courses

A good way to advance ones preaching is to audit an introductory course in preaching or worship. While you may have already taken introductory to preaching courses, auditing these courses is a great way to brush up on the broad scope of issues addressed in these courses. By auditing, you will be introduced to new issues and approaches in homiletical and liturgical studies. The following courses are taught most semesters:

PR 6300: INTRODUCTION TO PREACHING. An introduction to preaching, focusing on the preparation and delivery of the sermon. Attention is given to the form, content, and style of the sermon; the liturgical and social context in which the sermon is preached; and the person ofthe preacher. Taught in different terms by Alyce McKenzie or Wes Allen.

WO 6313: INTRODUCTION TO CHRISTIAN WORSHIP. An introduction to the history and theology of Christian worship. Attention is given to the identification and function of prayer, praise, proclamation, and sacramental action. Students develop a practical theology of worship and gain experience in constructing and leading worship. Taught in different terms by Mark Stamm or Heidi Miller.


Upper Level Courses

Share the Story. Shape the World.

For preachers who want to audit a course that moves them into new directions as opposed to refreshing their general approaches, Perkins offers electives in preaching and worship every semester. The courses scheduled for coming semesters are as follows:

Creative Sermon Design: Spring 2017

Preaching Professor and Award Winning Playwright team up in Spring Storytelling Course!

This Spring, Dr. Alyce McKenzie of Perkins School of Theology and Performing Artist/Playwright Will Power of Meadows School of the Arts will team teach a course on storytelling at SMU.

Will Power is an award winning playwright, author of Fetch Clay, Make Man, as well as an accomplished performer. He is currently serving as Artist in Residence at Meadows School of the Arts, SMU. Alyce McKenzie is Le Van Professor of Preaching and Worship at Perkins School of Theology and Director of the Perkins Center for Preaching Excellence at SMU.

Their course is called Creative Sermon Design: The Art of Storytelling in Everyday Life.

The Title and Subtitle express the varied audiences that will benefit from the course. We are casting a wide net with our course, says McKenzie. We have designed it to benefit, not just graduate students at Perkins who will be preaching in churches. Its also for undergraduates who will pursue any number of careers as well as graduate students in areas other than theology.

The course will draw on classic texts like Aristotles Poetics and Robert McKees Story as well as more recent works like Dr. McKenzies Novel Preaching and Will Powers award winning play Fetch Clay, Make Man

Participants will learn the dynamics of narrative that show up in great stories from all realms of life. They will learn how to activate those principles in crafting and performing stories of their own from personal, historical, contemporary and biblical worlds.

Says Professor Power, Storytelling is an art that transcends all kinds of barriers we construct in life. The course will enrich a students communication skills no matter what field they are in.

Auditors welcome! The course is open to clergy and laypeople from the community. Contact the Perkins Center for Preaching Excellence Administrative Assistant Sabina Hulem to find out

The course will meet Friday nights from 6-8 and Saturdays from 9-4 on the following dates in the spring of 2017

February 3-4
February 17-18
March 3-4
March 31-April 1

Seminar in Preaching: The Postmodern Pulpit, January 3-6, 2017. Email for more information.NOTE: Course topics and schedules are subject to change. For the most up-to-date course list, see the schedule on the Academic Services website.